[Todos CMAT] Seminario de Dinámica del Viernes 31/05

Pablo Lessa lessa en cmat.edu.uy
Jue Mayo 30 12:59:13 -03 2019

Hola a todas y todos,

Este *Viernes 31 de Mayo* a las *14:30* en el salón de seminarios del
*IMERL* nos hablará* Martin Leguil*.



*Titulo:* Can you hear the shape of a chaotic billiard?

*Resumen: *In an ongoing project with J. De Simoi, V. Kaloshin, and P.
Bálint, we have been studying the question of spectral rigidity for a class
of dispersing billiards. For such billiard tables, there is a natural
symbolic coding of the set of periodic orbits, and we wonder how much
geometric information the Marked Length Spectrum (i.e., the set of lengths
of all periodic orbits together with their marking) conveys. One direction
we have been investigating is whether it is possible to recover some local
geometric information near period two orbits without assuming symmetries.
Moreover, we will see in this talk how it is generically possible, in the
analytic category, to recover the geometry of such dispersing billiards
with some symmetries from the purely dynamical data encoded in their Marked
Length Spectrum.
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