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Mie Mayo 19 13:00:26 -03 2021

Seminario de Álgebra del IMERL

Título: "The Braid group action on exceptional sequences for weighted projective lines"

Expositor: Eduardo Marcos (IME - Universidade de São Paulo)

We give a new and intrinsic proof of the transitivity of the braid group action
on the set of full exceptional sequences of coherent sheaves on a weighted
projective line. We do not use here the corresponding result of Crawley-Boevey
for modules over hereditary algebras. As an application we prove that the
strongest global dimension of the category of coherent sheaves on a weighted
projective line X does not depend on the parameters of X. Finally we prove that
the determinant of the matrix obtained by taking the values of n Z-linear
functions defined on the Grothendieck group  K 0 (X)  ≃  Z n   of the elements
of a full exceptional sequence is an invariant, up to sign.
Viernes 21/5 a las 11:00, A través de Zoom

Contacto: Marco A. Pérez - mperez en fing.edu.uy
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