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Dear collegues,

we are pleased to announce the school:

"Stable and Chaotic Motions in the Planetary Problem"

Asiago (Italy) June 10-15 2018, funded by the homonym ERC project
Stable and Chaotic Motions in the Planetary problem.

The aim of this school is to study in depth the dynamics of planetary
systems from  the underlying mathematical theories coming from perturbation
theories and going back to A. N. Kolmogorov,  V.I. Arnold and J.
Moser, up to the recent astronomical observations of comets, asteroids
and exoplanets from ground and space.

We foresee 18 hourly mathematical and 10 astronomical lectures.

a) The Mathematical Lectures:

-Alessandra Celletti, Univ. Tor Vergata, Roma (lectures on KAM Theorem);

-Vadim Kaloshin, University of Maryland & ETH, Zurigo (Arnold diffusion);

-Richard Moeckel, University of Minnesota (the N-Body problem);

-Tere Seara, UPC, Barcellona (Arnold diffusion);

b) The Astronomical Lectures (10 hours):

-Alessandro Morbidelli, Observatoire de la Coste d’Azure, Nice
(evolution of planetary systems)

-Ivano Bertini, University of Padova (space missions, comets);

-Foriangela La Forgia, University of Padova (comets);

-Francesco Marzari, University of Padova (extrasolar planets dynamics)

The precise titles and abstracts will be soon announced.

The lectures will be held at the Astrophysical Observatory in Asiago.

If you are interested to participate, please register
by sending an e-mail to asiagoschool en math.unipd.it, by includig also
a short CV, before 30 April.

The participation to the school is open to Phd students, Post doc
and researchers. We strongly encourage the participation of Phd and
Post-Doc researchers. We will be able to cover the local expenses for
a limited number of young participants: to apply for financial support
please mention
it in the registration e-mail.

The selection of the participants and of the financial support will
be confirmed by e-mail.

Accomodation: a limited number of rooms (cheap, from 10 to 15 euros
per day, but comfortable; with kithchen facility) are available in the
guest rooms at the
Observatory. Further information on other possible accomodations will
be soon available.

Please feel free to forward this information to anyone you know who might be

On the behalf of the organizing committee,

Cesare Barbieri, Giancarlo Benettin, Massimiliano Guzzo, Monica
Lazzarin, Gabriella Pinzari

Contacts: asiagoschool en math.unipd.it

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