[Todos CMAT] Seminario Sistemas Dinámicos

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Mie Dic 9 19:37:28 UYT 2015

Estimados, este viernes 11/12 tenemos una Jornada de Dinámica en el salón de seminarios del IMERL.

A las 14h tendremos el placer de recibir a Philippe Thieullen (Bordeaux).

A las 15h posiblemente un pequeño brindis.

A las 15h30 tendremos el placer de recibir a Maik Groeger (Bremen)

Abajo titulo y resumen.


Charla de Philippe Thieullen


Non selection of the Gibbs measures at zero temperature


We consider a simple model of a dynamical system at
equilibrium for which it is possible to define a Gibbs
probability measure at every temperature T=1/beta with
respect to an (Hamiltonian) interaction H. The system is
given by a sub-shift of finite type of dimension 1. We
want to understand the limit of these Gibbs measures when
the temperature goes to zero. All the accumulation
measures are minimizing with respect to H (as in ergodic
optimization theory). There may be several minimizing
measures. By freezing the system, it is possible in some
cases to select one of these minimizing measures. We show
that the non-selection case may also happen for simple
systems. We will explain the zero-temperature phase
diagram in terms of Peierls barrier and tools borrowed
from weak KAM theory.

Charla de Maik Groeger

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