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Mie Dic 2 19:38:31 UYT 2015


este viernes 4/12 a las 14:30 en el Salón C21 del Aulário tenemos el placer de recibir a Dante Chialvo (Conicet, Argentina).

Abajo título y resumen.


Dr Dante R Chialvo, (Conicet, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Title: The brain is critical


Systems which are near an edge between order and disorder behave di erently. This intuitive notion led several of us to argue, two decades ago, that the most fundamental properties of the functioning brain are only feasible if it "somehow spontaneously locates itself" at the border of an instability. Supposedly, it is the mix of order and disorder, found generically at criticality, that allows the brain to be a brain. In this talk we review the motivations and then describe experimental results supporting this hypothesis both in health and disease, at various brain scales ranging from a few millimeters up to the entire brain cortex.

(Papers and background information can be found in www.chialvo.net ) 
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