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Roberto Markarian roma en fing.edu.uy
Jue Nov 29 20:59:10 UYST 2012

> Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 (MPE2013) is about to start. It has
> grown from North-American initiative to an unprecedented gathering
> under the patronage of UNESCO of more than one hundred partners from
> all around the world. And new partners join regularly. The success of
> MPE2013 comes from the fact that it is timely. Indeed, addressing the
> climate change and sustainability issues requires the use and
> development of sophisticated mathematical tools. A concerted, massive,
> long-term involvement of the mathematical sciences in collaboration
> with other disciplines is essential to any significant progress in the
> understanding of planetary problems. The world mathematical community
> is becoming more and more aware of the urgency of planetary and
> sustainability issues, and it is time to train a new generation of
> young researchers to sustainability problems. For all these reasons,
> an impressive number of scientific programs and workshops have been
> organized around the world. And the effort will not stop in 2013.
> Already in the US, the NSF has funded follow-up activities in 2014.
> The outreach component of MPE2013 is no less important. National
> launches of MPE2013 are organized in several countries with public
> activities. MPE public lectures will take place around the world in
> 2013. Congresses of teachers will highlight MPE2013. In the US, the
> theme of the Math Awareness month will be sustainability, while the
> French week of mathematics will be on MPE. Mathematical magazines and
> enrichment material are prepared so as to raise the interest of the
> future scientists still in the schools.
> An important component of MPE2013 is its Open Source Exhibition of
> museum-quality exhibits (modules) that will be hosted through the
> Imaginary Project by Mathematischen Forschungsinstituts Oberwolfach.
> The launch of the exhibition is organized by IMU jointly with MPE2013.
> Il will occur at the Headquarters in Paris on March 5th 2013 and
> modules will be exhibited at UNESCO on March 5 to 8. The basis of the
> exhibition will come from the MPE competition
> (www.mpe2013.org/competition), the winners of which will receive their
> prize at the launch.
> MPE2013 is an exceptional opportunity of increasing the collaborations
> of mathematicians with other disciplines. For IMU, it provides an
> occasion of strengthening its links with other scientific unions, with
> ICIAM and with ICSU bodies, on capacity-building projects in different
> areas of the world. The workshop on mathematics of climate change,
> related hazards and risks (see item 3) as a satellite activity of the
> Mathematical Congress of the Americas 2013 is a first step in this
> direction.
> It is not too late to join MPE2013, to benefit from collaborating with
> the planet, and to share your enthusiasm with your students or the
> public. The spirit of MPE2013 is there to stay.
> Christiane Rousseau,
> Vice-president of IMU
> This is the first announcement of a 5-day workshop that is organized
> as a satellite activity of the 2013 Mathematical Congress of the
> Americas at CIMAT in Guanajuato (Mexico) during July 29 -- August 2
> 2013. The workshop will bring together about 40 young researchers,
> mainly from Latin America and the Caribbean and a dozen distinguished
> scientists, each of which will give several lectures on a chosen topic.
> The workshop is part of the world initiative "Mathematics of Planet
> Earth 2013" which is endorsed by IMU (www.mpe2013.org). It is jointly
> organized by IMU together with the International Union of Geodesy and
> Geophysics (IUGG) and the International Union of Theoretical and
> Applied Mechanics (IUTAM). It is supported by the International
> Council of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM), by ICSU
> Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, by two
> interdisciplinary bodies of ICSU, namely IRDR (Integrated Research on
> Disaster Risk) and WCRP, by the US National Academy of Sciences, by
> the Academia Mexicana de Ciencias, and by CIMAT (Centro de
> InvestigaciC3n en MatemC!ticas) in Mexico. Hopefully the workshop will
> be funded by ICSU. The members of the Scientific Committee are Susan
> Friedlander (IMU),  Ilya Zaliapin (IUGG) and Paul F. Linden (IUTAM).
> The website will be ready to receive applications by January 15 2013.
> More details at: http://cams.usc.edu/mathgeo/
> > 
MATHEMATICS OF PLANET EARTH 2013 (MPE2013) competition
> It is not too late to participate to the "Mathematics of Planet Earth
> Competition for an open source exhibition of virtual modules"
> (museum-quality exhibits): www.mpe2013.org/competition. The modules
> submitted will form the basis of the permanent Mathematics of Planet
> Earth Open Source Exhibition which will be launched at the UNESCO
> Headquarters in Paris on March 5-8 2013.
> Examples of modules or themes to be covered are available on the website.
> The competition is open until December 20, 2012.
> If you have not visited the website recently (www.mpe2013.org), then
> please do so: new partners and new activities are posted regularly.
> Also, some educational and bibliographic resources are now starting to
> be posted on the website, and several partners committed to produce
> many more during 2013.
> In addition to the MPE blog, several countries intend to run their
> national blogs in 2013, including Australia and France. Links to these
> blogs will be posted on the main MPE website.
> The South African launch already occured on October 30 2012
> (http://www.sams2012.org/public-lecture/). The Canadian launch will
> take place on December 7-10 2012
> (http://cms.math.ca/Events/winter12/), the UK launch on December 17
> 2013 (http://www.newton.ac.uk/mpe2013/), and the US launch at the JMM
> on January 9-12 2013 (http://jointmathematicsmeetings.org/jmm).

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