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Roberto Markarian roma en fing.edu.uy
Jue Nov 29 20:55:21 UYST 2012

> The President of the IMU, Ingrid Daubechies, has written to the
> Adhering Organizations, asking them to submit nominations for the IMU
> awards listed below.
> * Fields Medals - fields14-chair(at)mathunion.org
> The Fields Medals are awarded every 4 years on the occasion of the
> International Congress of Mathematicians  to recognize outstanding
> mathematical achievement for existing work and for the promise of
> future achievement.
> * Rolf Nevanlinna Prize - nevanlinna14-chair(at)mathunion.org
> The Nevanlinna Prize is awarded once every 4 years at the
> International Congress of Mathematicians, for outstanding
> contributions in mathematical aspects of information sciences.
> * Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize - gauss14-chair(at)mathunion.org
> The Gauss Prize is awarded once every 4 years to honor a scientist
> whose mathematical research has had an impact outside mathematics -
> either in technology, in business, or simply in people's everyday lives.
> * Chern Medal Award - chern14-chair(at)mathunion.org
> The Chern Medal is awarded every 4 years on the occasion  of the
> International Congress of Mathematicians to an individual whose
> accomplishments warrant the highest level of recognition for
> outstanding achievements in the field
> of mathematics.
> * Leelavati Prize, sponsored by Infosys - 
> leelavati14-chair(at)mathunion.org
> The Leelavati Prize, is intended to accord high recognition and great
> appreciation of the IMU and Infosys of outstanding contributions for
> increasing public awareness of mathematics as an intellectual
> discipline and the crucial role it plays in diverse human endeavors.
> * ICM 2014 Emmy Noether Lecture - noether14-chair(at)mathunion.org
> The ICM Emmy Noether lecture is a special lecture at an ICM which
> honors women who have made fundamental and sustained contributions to
> the mathematical sciences.
> More details about each of these awards and the Noether lecture, as
> well as lists of past laureates, can be found on the IMU Web site, at URL:
> www.mathunion.org/general/prizes
> Deadline for nominations:  December 31, 2012
> The names of the chairs of the various prize committees and their
> contact information can be found at:
> http://www.mathunion.org/general/prizes/prize-committee-chairs/2014/
> The names of the other prize committee members remain confidential and
> will be announced at the Opening Ceremony of ICM 2014 only.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The organizers of the Mathematical Congress of the Americas 2013
> invite nominations for the prizes to be delivered in connection with
> the Congress (see
> http://www.mca2013.org/prizes.html). There are 12 Prizes:
> - five MCA Prizes of USD$ 1,000 each will be awarded to mathematicians
> who  are no more than 12 years past their PhD in August 2013 and
> either received their graduate education or currently hold a position
> in one or more
> countries in the Americas.
> - five Americas Prizes of USD$ 5,000 each will be awarded to
> individual or groups in recognition of their work to enhance
> collaboration and the development of research that links
> mathematicians in several countries in the Americas.
> - two Solomon Lefschetz Medals carrying a cash award of USD$ 5,000
> will be given to mathematicians in recognition of their excellence in
> research and their contributions to the development of Mathematics in
> a country or countries in the Americas.
> Nominations and requests for information concerning the nominating
> process should be sent by e-mail to
> mca2013.prizes en gmail.com
> The deadline for nominations is January 31, 2013.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The Ramanujan Prize has been awarded annually since 2005. The 2013
> Prize will be jointly funded and administered by ICTP and the IMU.
> The Ramanujan Prize is usually awarded to one person, but may be
> shared equally among recipients who have contributed to the same body
> of work. Eligible for
> the prize is a person who has conducted outstanding work in a
> developing country, he/she must be less than 45 years of age on 31
> December of the year of the award.
> February 1, 2013 is the deadline for nominations.
> Nominations are to be sent to math en ictp.it.

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