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> www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr<http://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr>
> The Foudation Sciences Mathématiques Postdoctoral Research Program - 
> Campaign for 2010
> Caution : the call for application to the postdoctoral research positions 
> is open from october 15th to december 13th 2009 at midnight (Paris time).
> The Foundation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris offers fifteen (15) 
> post-doctoral positions in mathematics and in computer science. These 
> positions last one year (renewable once) and are to be filled as from 
> October 1st, 2010, in the research laboratories affiliated to the 
> Foundation<http://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/index.php?page=38&lien=10>.
> Eligibility criteria
> Positions are open to holders of a doctorate in mathematics or computer 
> science, obtained in France or in a foreign country before October 1st, 
> 2010. Those who defended their doctorate in one of the affiliated 
> laboratories cannot apply.
> Offers are not theme-based, and all mathematical disciplines are welcome. 
> The selection will be based on excellence in scientific accomplishment.
> Work contract conditions of the recruited post-docs
> Each post-doctoral fellow will perceive a net salary of € 2,500.00 per 
> month and thus benefit from health insurance and social coverage.
> (S)he will participate in the scientific activities of his/her laboratory, 
> in particular in seminars and working groups.
> At the end of his/her tenure, each of the selected candidates will write a 
> report on his/her scientific accomplishment, comparing it to his/her 
> initial project, and describing his/her subsequent objectives. For the 
> two-year positions, the concerned candidate will also write a report at 
> the end of the first year and explain the reasons for the renewal of 
> his/her contract.
> On-line registration via the Foundation’s Web site
> If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, please 
> register 
> on-line<http://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/offres.php?offre=19&lang=en>, 
> fill in the form and upload each of the documents listed below as a PDF 
> file.
> 1- a curriculum vitae;
> 2- the list of publications;
> 3- the proposed scientific project (around two pages);
> The candidates also have to request each of the following documents to the 
> relevant people who will upload it via this Web 
> site<http://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/offres.php?offre=19&lang=en> :
> 4- two detailed letters of recommendation by scientists not belonging to 
> the laboratories of the Foundation, describing the candidate's 
> mathematical work and for instance, thesis reports (should there be any);
> 5- a detailed letter of support from your scientist/tutor at the host 
> institution;
> 6- a letter from the thesis adviser.
> How to transmit your application
> In order to be considered, your full application needs to be registered 
> on-line via this Web 
> site<http://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/offres.php?offre=19&lang=en> before 
> midnight December 13th, 2009 (Paris time).
> Selection procedure
> The selection will be performed by a joint group consisting of the 
> Steering Committee<http://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/index.php?page=33> 
> and the Scientific 
> Council<http://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/index.php?page=32> of the 
> Foundation.
> Notification of results
> The selected candidates will be contacted after January 31th, 2010.
> Contact information
> For further information, please send a message to: Contact "Post-doc 
> Campaign for 2010"<mailto:contact_postdoc en sciencesmaths-paris.fr>. 
> (contact_postdoc en sciencesmaths-paris.fr<mailto:contact_postdoc en sciencesmaths-paris.fr>)

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