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Estimados colegas

les envio este mensaje --ya les envie varios anteriormente del mismo tipo--
ya sea como estudiantes de posgrado o como profesores que eventualmente
tengan estudiantes a su cargo. El MSRI es una institucion de matematica de
primer nivel que esta situada en Berkeley y de la cual el Pedeciba
matematica es organizacion auspiciante "sponsor organization".
Como parte de este proyecto de auspicio, tenemos derecho a enviar
estudiantes --con todos los gastos pagos por parte del MSRI-- a realizar
cursos de verano.
Este es el segundo verano --del hemisferio norte-- que tenemos la
oportunidad de enviar estudiantes y hasta ahora --esta vez-- no han
aparecido interesados.
Estoy seguro que la lista de cursos que hemos difundido son de gran nivel e
interes, y pienso que muchos de los estudiantes se beneficiarian enormemente
si participaran.

Estamos --como se ve en el mensaje del MSRI que adjunto-- al borde de la
expiración de los plazos. Ya les hemos comunicado varias veces sobre esta
actividad pero hasta ahora no han aparecido interesados, quiza todavia
podamos estar a tiempo para revertir esa situacion.
Un abrazo
Ps quienes esten interesados por favor inscribirse directamente en forma
electronica con el MSRI, yo no estare conectado a la red.

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Subject: [Sponsor-reps] Summer Graduate Workshops - FINAL CALL
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Cc: Jonathan Rubinsky <rubinsky en msri.org>

 Dear MSRI Academic Sponsor Representatives and Graduate Directors:

This is the final call for nominations to MSRI's summer graduate workshops.
My earlier messages are appended below. Included is log-in information for
registering students on our web-site. We still have some space for
additional students in all MSRI-based workshops.

On* Thursday* of this week,* March 20, 2008*, we will be* closing
registration* and providing the Berkeley residence halls with final
information on our housing needs. After that time it will be difficult, if
not impossible to add students. So please complete any last-minute
nominations in the next few days.

Best wishes,


*Dr. Julius Zelmanowitz, Deputy Director*
*Mathematical Sciences Research Institute*
*17 Gauss Way*
*Berkeley, CA 94720*
*tel.            (510) 6436040*
*fax     (510) 6428609*
*email   jz en msri.org*


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dear MSRI Academic Sponsor Representatives and Graduate Directors:

This is to provide an update and inform you of some changes to MSRI's roster
of Summer Graduate Workshops that have occurred since my previous message of
December 14, 2007, below. We will begin sending out information to
registered students in about two weeks.

(1)* "A Window into Zeta and Modular Physics."* MSRI, June 16, 2008 to June
29, 2008.* Still open for registration.*
*Log In: casorganizer (lower case)*
*Password: wkshp453*

(2) IAS/PCMI Summer Program:* "Analytic and Algebraic Geometry: Common
Problems - Different Methods,"* Park City. July 06, 2008 to July 26, 2008.
*JANUARY 20, 2008 application deadline has passed.*

(3) * "Geometry and Representation Theory of Tensors for Computer Science,
Statistics, and other areas."* MSRI July 07, 2008 to July 20, 2008.* Still
open for registration*.
*Log In: casorganizer (lower case)*
*Password: wkshp451*
*Through a collaborative arrangement between MSRI and AIM, this Summer
Graduate Workshop will be immediately followed by a 1-week research workshop
at AIM, July 21-25. The organizers are able to support a small number of
advanced graduate students to participate in the AIM workshop. If you have
advanced graduate student who could academically benefit from the
research-level AIM workshop, please send a brief message describing the
student's level and progress in related mathematics directly to J.M.
Landsberg <jml en math.tamu.edu>** and have the student apply to the AIM
workshop by going to*

(4)* "Summer Microprogram on Climate Change,"* MSRI. July 14, 2008 to August
01, 2008, followed by a research workshop at MSRI, August 4-8, 2008.* Still
open for registration.*
*We're pleased to announce that MSRI has obtained sufficient funding from
the Sea Change Foundation to permit all students in this Summer Graduate
Workshop to be supported through the research workshop to be held August
4-8.  For those of you who have already registered students in this
workshop, the organizers ask that you do two things: first, inform these
students that they are invited to stay on with support for the research
workshop through August 8; and, secondly, obtain from the student a brief
statement of purpose (one page) describing the nature of their interest in
the Climate Change workshop(s) and their career goals. Please submit the
statement through the password protected registration website (use the "Add
Attachment" link on the student's registration line).*
*Log In: casorganizer (lower case)*
*Password: wkshp453*
*If you will be nominating new students to this workshop, please attach the
Statement of Purpose described above at the time of nomination.*

IMPORTANT UPDATING REQUEST: It is a challenge to keep our academic sponsor
representative and graduate director lists current. Please assist us by
forwarding this note to the appropriate person if you are no longer serving
in this capacity -- and inform us by return email of the new contact

Best wishes,


*Dr. Julius Zelmanowitz, Deputy Director*
*Mathematical Sciences Research Institute*
*17 Gauss Way*
*Berkeley, CA 94720*
*tel.            (510) 6436040*
*fax     (510) 6428609*
*email   jz en msri.org*
Friday, December 14, 2007

Dear MSRI Academic Sponsor Representative:

*IMPORTANT:  Before reading further, please forward a copy of this note to
your department's graduate student advisor (or equivalent).*

This note is to provide you with information about MSRI's 2008 Summer
Graduate Workshops.

This coming summer MSRI is hosting three workshops in Berkeley:

"A Window into Zeta and Modular Physics"
June 16, 2008 to June 29, 2008
Organized By: Floyd Williams (University of Massachusetts) and Klaus Kirsten
(Baylor University).
In recent years, a noteworthy and very fruitful interlacing of number theory
and physics has emerged. As indicated in the September 2007 issue of the AMS
Notices, for example, a new journal "Communications in Number Theory and
Physics " has just been launched to follow significant interactions and
dynamics between these two fields. Several books are now available, in
addition to an array of conference and workshop activity, that accent this
fortunate merger of "pure" mathematics and physical theory-with applications
that range from field theory (conformal and topological),extended objects
(strings and branes)cosmology and black hole physics, to Bose-Einstein
condensation and the theory of relativistic gases.
Limited to 40 students on a first come, first served basis.

"Geometry and Representation Theory of Tensors for Computer Science,
Statistics, and other areas"
July 07, 2008 to July 20, 2008
Organized By: J.M. Landsberg (Texas A&M), Lek-Heng Lim (UC Berkeley) and
Jason Morton (UC Berkeley).
Recently the common geometry of tensors arising in questions in
computational complexity, statistical learning theory, signal processing,
scientific data analysis have been looked at from a unified perspective. The
underlying geometry and representation theory will be covered in this
workshop with and eye towards problems such as the complexity of matrix
multiplication, Valiant's approach to P=NP, measures of entanglement in
quantum information theory, graphical models in statistical learning theory,
independent component analysis and other multilinear data analytic
For more advanced participants, there will be a follow-up research workshop
at the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) the week after the graduate
workshop. Information on the research workshop is available at
Limited to 40 students on a first come, first served basis.

"Climate Change"
July 14, 2008 to August 01, 2008
To be followed by a research workshop at MSRI.
The goal of the program will be to discern ways in which mathematics can
contribute and to expose new researchers to some of the key areas that we
believe will form the basis of serious mathematical considerations of
climate change issues.

Mathematical contributions are needed at two levels.  Addressing climate
change presents daunting challenges to the scientific community.  It
involves scientists with expertise varying from concrete engineering design
to those formulating economic and political policies.  Mathematical analysis
of models plays a key coordinating role in making these models as effective
as possible. Mathematicians are needed to formulate and refine models,
understand their limitations and optimize the underlying computational
strategies.  At the same time, there is considerable basic research that
needs to be done to properly ground the modeling, and resulting
predictions.  Mathematical input is badly needed to delineate the limits of
reasonable predictability and quantify inherent uncertainties.  Since the
underlying models are highly nonlinear, complex evolving systems with
stochastic inputs, there are considerable, and exciting basic research
contributions to be made at a deep mathematical level.  We shall emphasize
this latter aspect in the summer program.

In addition, M.S.R.I. will provide support for at least a dozen students
from academic sponsor institutions to attend the following off-site workshop
that has an early deadline for applications:

IAS/PCMI Summer Program: "Analytic and Algebraic Geometry: Common Problems -
Different Methods"
July 06, 2008 to July 26, 2008
Location: IAS/Park City Mathematics Institute, Salt Lake City, UT
Organized By: Mircea Mustata (University of Michigan), Jeff McNeal (Ohio
State University).
NOTE: This workshop requires a special application. For information and
application forms, please visit

We appreciate your help in identifying students who can benefit from
attending these workshops and your nominating them for MSRI support. As you
know, we will provide financial support for* up to two students* from each
academic sponsor institution, and will support* up to three
students*provided that at least one of them is
* female* or from a* group that is underrepresented* in the mathematical

Admission to the three on-site workshops is on recommendation by yourself or
your department's graduate advisor. (Admission to the IAS/PCMI workshop is
by a separate application.) We will accept your nominees on a first-come
first-served basis up to the limits of the capacity of each workshop, so
please submit your nominations as soon as feasible. After capacity is
reached, we will maintain a wait-list.
This year we have created a webpage for you to enter your graduate student's
information. Please click on the appropriate URL's below, to access the
webpage. Hopefully the form will be self-explanatory. However, we use this
form for other workshops, so we ask that you ignore those columns that seem
inappropriate, eg. the columns associated with funding  questions.

*Window into Zeta and Modular Physics:* *
*Log In: casorganizer (lower case)*
*Password: wkshp449*
*IAS/PCMI Summer Program: Analytic and Algebraic Geometry: Common Problems -
Different Methods:*
*Log In: casorganizer (lower case)*
*Password: wkshp460*
*Geometry and Representation Theory of Tensors for Computer Science,
Statistics, and other areas: https://secure.msri.org/organizers/451*
*Log In: casorganizer (lower case)*
*Password: wkshp451*
*Climate Change: https://secure.msri.org/organizers/453*
*Log In: casorganizer (lower case)*
*Password: wkshp453*

We ask that you include the following information for each nominated
*(We are working on creating additional fields to enter gender and ethnicity
information, unfortunately this feature is not ready at the moment,
therefore we ask you to enter it in the notes field)*

Students admitted to the workshops will be informed directly by MSRI
beginning in February 2008 of the arrangements for their accommodations and
travel support; the IAS/PCMI workshop will issue its own announcement.

If you have any questions about the mechanics of the summer graduate
workshops, please direct them to Program Coordinator Anna Foster <
anna en msri.org>; policy questions can be sent to me.



Julius Zelmanowitz
Deputy Director, MSRI


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