[Todos CMAT] arnold y fadeev

Dr. Roberto Markarian - IMERL roma en fing.edu.uy
Mie Jun 18 04:02:42 UYT 2008

Vladimir Arnold, Chief Scientist of the Steklov Mathematical Institute 
in Moscow, and Ludwig Faddeev, Director of the Euler International 
Mathematical Institute, Petersburg Department of the Steklov Institute 
of Mathematics, St. Petersburg, will share the US$1,000,000 2008 Shaw 
Prize in Mathematical Sciences "for their widespread and influential 
contributions to mathematical physics." Arnold has made fundamental 
contributions to the study of stability in dynamical systems; Faddeev 
has made many important contributions to quantum physics. The Shaw Prize 
is an international award to honor individuals who are active in their 
field and who have achieved distinguished and significant advances. 
Further information and complete citations for Arnold and Faddeev are 
available on the Shaw Prize web site at
http://www.shawprize.org/en/laureates/2008/index.html .

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