[Todos CMAT] Mathematicians Map E8

Dr. Roberto Markarian roma en fing.edu.uy
Mar Mar 20 16:53:34 UYT 2007

> Mathematicians Map E8
> Mathematicians have mapped the inner workings of one of the most
> complicated structures ever studied: the object known as the exceptional
> Lie group E8. This achievement is significant both as an advance in basic
> knowledge and because of the many connections between E8 and other areas,
> including string theory and geometry. The magnitude of the calculation is
> staggering: the answer, if written out in tiny print, would cover an area
> the size of Manhattan. Mathematicians are known for their solitary work
> style, but the assault on E8 is part of a large project bringing together
> 18 mathematicians from the U.S. and Europe for an intensive four-year
> collaboration.
> "This is exciting," said Peter Sarnak, Eugene Higgins Professor of
> Mathematics at Princeton University (not affiliated with the project).
> "Understanding and classifying the representations of Lie Groups has been
> critical to understanding phenomena in many different areas of mathematics
> and science including algebra, geometry, number theory, Physics and
> Chemistry. This project will be valuable for future mathematicians and
> scientists."
> Mas informacion en www.aimath.org/E8

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