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Hola, reenvío info de la charla de hoy a las 10hs por si hay interesados.

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Date: lun, 27 de sep. de 2021 a la(s) 08:43
Subject: Seminario Geometría Noconmutativa : Martes 28/9 10 hs

Hola, este martes a las 10:00hs tendremos el seminario virtual de
Geometría Noconmutativa del Atlántico Sur (GeNoCAS).

En esta oportunidad va a hablar *Toke Meier Carlsen* (Faroe Islands)

Title: *C*-rigidity of topological dynamical systems*

Abstract: There is a long tradition for constructing C*-algebras from
dynamical systems. On one hand, this has lead to the construction of
many interesting C*-algebras that can be studied via the corresponding
dynamical systems. On the other hand, C*-algebras constructed from
dynamical systems allow us to use tools from the theory of C*-algebras
to study dynamical systems. It is natural to ask how much information
about a dynamical system one can extract from a C*-algebra associated
with it.

C*-rigidity of dynamical systems is the principal that dynamical
systems can be recovered, up to a suitable notion of equivalence, from
C*-algebraic data associated with them. An example of this is the
result of Giordano, Putnam, and Skau that says that the crossed
products of two Cantor minimal systems are isomorphic if and only if
the Cantor minimal systems are strong orbit equivalent. Another
example is the result by Tomiyama that says that the crossed products
of two topologically transitive dynamical systems on compact metric
spaces are isomorphic in a diagonal-preserving way if and only if the
systems are flip conjugate.

Recently, it has been shown that it is possible to recover shifts of
finite type up to flow equivalence, continuous orbit equivalence, and
conjugacy from their Cuntz-Krieger algebras.

I will give an overview of these results and explain how groupoids can
be used to prove and generalise them.
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Meeting ID: 839 1555 0825
Passcode: 550348

Guillermo Cortiñas y Gisela Tartaglia


Dra Eugenia Ellis
Profesora Adjunta

Instituto de Matemática y Estadística
"Prof. Ing. Rafael Laguardia"
Facultad de Ingeniería - UDELAR
Julio Herrera y Reissig 565 CP11300.
Montevideo, Uruguay.

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