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Hola, reenvío información sobre el seminario organizado por FoCM de manera

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Subject: [FoCM] 2021 online seminar
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Dear member of the FoCM community,

The third session of the FoCM 2021 online seminar will take place
on friday March 26, with lectures by *Alice Guionnet* (ENS de Lyon)
and *Ed Saff* (Vanderbilt University)

Title and abstracts are available on : http://focm-society.org/events.php

Due to the later switch to daylight saving time in Europe, this seminar
takes place at 12 pm—2 pm Eastern Daylight time, 9 am—11 am Pacific
Daylight time,
5 pm—7 pm Central European time.

The zoom link information will be sent to you by email on March 25.

Attendees will be admitted in the session 5 minutes before the starting

The seminar will also be broadcast live on the youtube channel
Its recorded version will later be available on the same channel.

Please feel free to circulate to your colleagues who could be interested,
if they are not already on our mailing list and want to receive the
and zoom link, they should register by sending an empty email to
focm.seminar2021 en gmail.com  with the object ‘’registration’'.

We look forward to see you online on friday March 26.

The organizers of the FoCM 2021 online seminar,

Ben Adcock, Markus Bachmayr, Albert Cohen,
Evelyne Hubert and Agnes Szanto


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