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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

as some of you know, over the last several years I have been very  
involved with setting up the International Mathematics Master (IMM), a  
capacity building project in Mathematics whose aim si to provide an  
international education to bright and promising young students  
throughout developing countries.

The first pilot IMM programme opened at the ICTP Affiliated Centre in  
Lahore, Pakistan in October 2019 and the first class of students is  
graduating this summer. I am delighted to announce that 9 out of 12  
students have secured fully funded fellowships to continue their  
graduate studies in Europe (4 in Italy, 1 at ICTP, 3 in France, and 1  
in Ireland). It is very unlikely that any of them would have had this  
opportunity without the IMM and so we have already had a significant  
impact on all of those lives. The long term plan is of course to help  
them eventually return to Pakistan and become inspiring leaders in  
their research fields and mentors for younger students.

The only not fully successful aspect of the programme so far has been  
the fundraising. We have received some seed funding but our attempts  
to secure a more substantial support have so far been unsuccessful,  
even though the funding we require is relatively small and it is hard  
to think of a programme which provides more value for money. We have  
decided to run a crowdfunding campaign to cover some of the costs of  
the upcoming academic year, especially the student fellowships. The  
London Mathematical Laboratory has kindly agreed to set this up for us  
as it is a registered charity in the UK and all the funds received  
will be formally audited. Please visit the

LML-IMM Crowdfunding Information Page  

for more information. Also please forward this message to anyone else  
who might be interested and/or willing to contribute. Constructive  
ideas, both inside the box and outside the box, for sources of funding  
are also very welcome.

Very best wishes to you all,
Stefano Luzzatto

PS Apologies for this message “out of the blue” for many of you with  
whom we have not had much contact over the last few years (or, in some  
cases even decades!). As you can see you are still in my address book  
and it is a pity that life keeps us so busy and apart from each other.  
I hope you are all well and let’s hope to soon get over the crazy  
couple of years we have been living through.
Stefano Luzzatto
Mathematics Section
Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy
luzzatto en ictp.it <mailto:luzzatto en ictp.it>

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