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Date: lun., 18 de may. de 2020 18:32
Subject: Webmeeting - Women in Mathematics

Dear Coleagues,
> It is our pleasure to announce the Webmeeting: Women in Mathematics (under
> the framework of May 12), to occur via ZOOM, in May 26-27, at 11:00h (GMT03
> Rio de Janeiro).
> Schedule:
> 26/05 - Roundtable (in Portuguese) with Professors *Maria José Pacifico*
>  (UFRJ), *Manuela Souza* (UFBA), *Anne Bronz*i (UNICAMP) e *Maité Kulesza*
>  (UFRPE);

> 27/05 - Plenary Talk (in English) with Professor *Corinna Ulcigrai* from
> University of Zürich -  Brin Prize Winner 2020.
> Follows the title and the abstract of the plenary talk:
*"Slow chaos": understanding dynamics of parabolic systems*

Many deterministic systems, in mathematical models and in nature, exhibit
"chaotic behaviour": a well known feature of chaos is the butterfly effect:
a small variation of initial conditions may lead to drastically different
future evolutions. This talk will focus on parabolic systems, those for
which the "butterfly effect" happens "slowly" (e.g. at polynomial speed).
These include many systems coming from physics (such as the Ehrenfest and
Novikov models of metals), (smooth) flows on surfaces and billiards in
(rational) polygons. We will survey some of the mathematical
characterization of chaotic features and some of the mechanisms for "slow"
chaos in these systems, including recent work inspired by the ideas of
Marina Ratner.

ID 492 836 9920
Password 0NgRqq

More information at the attached banner and at the webpage:
> http://www.dinamicas.im.ufrj.br/celebrating-women-in-math/
> Cordially,
> Organizing Committee

    Juliana Fernandes,
    Luna Lomonaco,
    Luciana Salgado,
    Jaqueline Siqueira
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