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Subject: [IMU AO CL 14/2019] Report from the ICM Structure Committee
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To: The Adhering Organizations of the International Mathematical Union (IMU)

Dear colleagues,

As you may recall, the 2018 General Assembly decided to create an ICM
Structure Committee (SC) charged
with the task to propose the structure for the ICMs. The decision of the
actual speakers is left with the
Program Committee (PC).

Terence Tao chaired the committee, whose membership is public. The SC has
now finalized its report
(attached).  The IMU is very grateful to the members of the SC for their
thorough job within the given tight
The IMU Executive Committee (EC) has discussed the report and made the
following decisions:

For the ICM 2022:
 1. The EC endorses the proposal of creating:
      (i) A new Section 17 (Statistics and Data Analysis) which replaces
the old Section 17 (Mathematics in Science and
      Technology), and which also incorporates the Statistics part of the
old Section 12 (Probability and Statistics), which
      now becomes Section 12 (Probability).
      (ii) A new Section 18 (Stochastic and Differential Modeling), which
expands on aspects of the old Section 17 (Mathematics
      in Science and Technology).
      The rationale for these changes is to start the process of enhancing
the representation of applied mathematics in the ICM,
      and to keep up with recent ground-breaking developments in applied
 2. The EC endorses the given Sections with its descriptors and with the
given base lecture slots.
 3. The EC endorses the proposal to leave 20 sectional talks to the
discretion of the PC, as described in the SC
 4. The EC endorses the proposal to leave 2–3 plenary for  “special plenary
lectures” as described in the SC report.
 5. The EC recommends that the opening ceremony be streamed, while the
recording of other lectures should be made
     available later to the mathematical community by the organizers in a
timely fashion. Videos are to be stored at the
     IMU Secretariat.
 6. The EC asks that local organizers conduct an exit survey for ICM
participants in order to guide subsequent SCs
     in their work.

For ICMs past 2022:
 7. The EC asks that the SC proposes a dynamic mechanism on how the size of
each Section can reflect the
     activity in the various subfields of mathematics. This can be applied
for the ICM 2026.

Helge Holden

Prof. Helge Holden
Secretary General of the International Mathematical Union
https://www.mathunion.org <http://www.mathunion.org>

AO en mathunion.org
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