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Jue Dic 5 09:20:26 -03 2019

Seminario de Álgebra del IMERL

Título: "Mean value theorems for a class of density like arithmetic function"

Expositor: Lucas Reis (USP)

In this talk we present mean value theorems for arithmetic functions F defined
by a convolution product: F(n)=prod_{d|n} g(d); where g is an arithmetic
function taking values in (0, 1] and satisfying some generic conditions. This is
mainly motivated by the problem of studying densitites of primitive and normal
elements over finite fields. In particular, we prove that the density M_q(n)
(resp. P_q(n)) of normal (resp. primitive) elements in the finite field
extension F_{q^n} of F_q are arithmetic functions of (non zero) mean values. We
also provide further results on the behaviour of the function M_q(n).
Viernes 6/12 a las 11:15, Salón de seminarios del IMERL, Facultad de Ingeniería

Contacto: Diego Bravo - dbravo en fing.edu.uy

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