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Dom Oct 7 21:00:28 -03 2018


Lunes 8 de octubre, de 01:30 PM a 02:30 PM, CMat, Salón de seminarios del piso 14.

Expositor: Prof. Dr.  Piotr Hajac, Instituto de Matemática de la Academia Polaca de Ciencias (IMPAN)

Título: The invariance of  Hochschild and cyclic homology under row extensions

Resumen: Goodwillie’s theorem states that the periodic cyclic homology is invariant under nilpotent extensions. We introduce a special type of nilpotent extensions of unital algebras (called row extensions) for which we prove a stronger result: the invariance of Hochschild and cyclic homology. The row extensions appear in abundance. They are always H-unital but generically non-unital and noncommutative. A very specific type of a row extension appears naturally in the construction of the Chern-Galois character. If P is an algebra with a principal coaction, and B is its coaction-invariant subalgebra, then the Chern-Galois character factors through the row extension of B by the nilpotent ideal consisting of the invariant universal differential one-forms on P. When P is a principal comodule algebra, one can identify this ideal with the kernel of the multiplication map restricted to the algebra of the associated Ehresmann-Schauenburg quantum groupoid. Based on joint work with Tomasz Maszczyk.  Están invitas a tomar un café a las13:00


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