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Mar Mar 20 14:39:46 -03 2018

2018 Abel Prize to Robert Langlands

Robert P. Langlands, Institute for Advanced Study, has been named the  
winner of the 2018 Abel Prize [ http://www.abelprize.no/ ] for his  
visionary program, which bears his name, that connects representation  
theory to number theory. Langlands will receive an award of 6 million  
Norwegian kroner (about US$760,000).

It is my great pleasure to congratulate Professor Robert P. Langlands,  
winner of the 2018 Abel Prize. Robert Langlands is one of the most  
distinguished mathematicians alive today and a towering figure in the  
history of modern mathematics. His insights, which grew out of  
penetrating technical work early in his career, have transformed and  
enriched both number theory and representation theory. The deep  
relations between the two subjects that he predicted and probed have  
guided the work of countless mathematicians over the last 50  
years.---AMS President Kenneth A. Ribet

 From "A biography of Robert P. Langlands," by Alexander Bellos:
"In January 1967, Robert Langlands, a 30-year-old associate professor  
at Princeton, wrote a letter to the great French mathematician André  
Weil, aged 60, outlining some of his new mathematical insights. 'If  
you are willing to read it as pure speculation I would appreciate  
that,' he wrote. “If not – I am sure you have a waste basket handy.'  
Langlands’ modesty now reads like an almost comic piece of  
understatement. His 17-page letter introduced a theory that created a  
whole new way of thinking about mathematics: it suggested deep links  
between two areas, number theory and harmonic analysis, that had  
previously been considered unrelated."

Among his many honors, Langlands has previously received the Cole  
Prize in Number Theory (1982, shared with Barry Mazur), the Wolf Prize  
(1995-96, shared with Andrew Wiles), the Steele Prize for Seminal  
Contribution to Research (2005), the Nemmers Prize (2006), and the  
Shaw Prize (2007, shared with Richard Taylor), and was a member of the  
inaugural class of AMS Fellows (2012). Langlands will receive the Abel  
Prize in Oslo on May 22.

First awarded in 2003, the Abel Prize is given by the Norwegian  
Academy of Science and Letters. Read more about Langlands' life and  
work [ http://www.abelprize.no/c73016/seksjon/vis.html?tid=73017 ] ,  
including the full citation, "A biography of Robert P. Langlands," by  
Alexander Bellos, and "17 handwritten pages that shaped a whole area  
of mathematical research," by Arne B. Sletsjøe. (Photo: Randall  
Hagadorn/Institute for Advanced Study.)

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