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Subject: Primer Anuncio - Escuela Cimpa “Quantum Symmetries”
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Estimados colegas,

Tenemos el agrado de comunicarles que estamos organizando la *Escuela Cimpa*
 *“Quantum* *Symmetries”.* El evento tendrá lugar en *Bogotá**, del 24 de j*
*un**io al* *05 de julio de** 2019**.* A continuación de este mensaje se
encuentra el anuncio de la escuela.

En nombre del comité organizador, estaríamos muy agradecidos si nos ayudan
a distribuir este mensaje entre todos los posibles interesados.

Saludos cordiales,

César Galindo and Julia Plavnik
(En nombre del comité organizador.)


CIMPA Research School: Quantum Symmetries

June 24-July 05, 2019

Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia

WEB: https://matematicas.uniandes.edu.co/eventos/2018/quantum/index.html

E-MAIL: quantum_school en uniandes.edu.co

The notion of a group describes symmetry in mathematics. In recent decades,
certain quantum mathematical objects have appeared whose symmetries are
better described by group-like objects called tensor categories. Examples
of areas of mathematics where tensor categories play a key role include
subfactors, quantum groups, Hopf algebras, quantum topology and topological
quantum computation. The aim of this school is to introduce graduate
students to tensor category theory and their applications to Topological
Quantum Field theory, Subfactor theory, and Hopf algebras. We will bring
together a wide variety of senior experts, postdocs, and graduate students
from mathematics and physics. This mix of people will provide young
researchers with an opportunity to interact with experts, develop
connections, and increase their exposure

The two weeks of the school consist of six mini-courses, exercise sessions,
 research talks, and career development activities. The program is
structured around the students, and therefore we encourage all the
participants, independent of their career stage, to take part in the
exercise sessions.


-*Tensor categories*
Victor Ostrik (University of Oregon)

-*Hopf Algebras and Their Generalizations from a Categorical Point of View*
Gabriella Böhm (Wigner Research Centre for Physics of the Hungarian Academy
of Sciences)

-*On finite-dimensional Hopf algebras and their representations*
Siu-Hung Ng (Louisiana State University)

-*The Mathematics of Topological Quantum Computing*
Eric Rowell (Texas A&M University)

-*Topological Quantum Field Theory*
Noah Snyder (Indiana University, Bloomington)

-*Subfactors, fusion categories, and planar algebras*
Scott Morrison (Australian National University)


The deadline for registration and applying for financial support is *March
3rd**, 201**9**.*


 Registration is now open, please follow the corresponding link in the
conference website.
 *There is no Registration fee** but you need to be registered in order to


CIMPA provides partial support to some graduate, very advanced
undergraduate students and young researchers from Latin America to
participate in the school. In addition, we are applying for funds to cover
the expenses of those participants not supported by CIMPA. We will try to
support all qualified participants.

** For more information please do not hesitate to contact us via E-mail at
quantum_school en uniandes.edu.co.



Alain Bruguieres (Université de Montpellier)

Pavel Etingof (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Eric Rowell (Texas A&M University)

Andrea Solotar (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

Chelsea Walton (The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Zhenghan Wang (University of California at Santa Barbara - Microsoft
Station Q)


Carolina Benedetti (Universidad de los Andes)

Alain Bruguières (Université de Montpellier)

César Galindo (Universidad de los Andes)

Monique Müller (University of Minas Gerais)

Julia Plavnik (Indiana University, Bloomington)


Universidad de Los Andes
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