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Vie Mar 24 13:56:36 UYT 2017

Nuevamente invitamos a todos aquellos que estén interesados a la charla del profesor Dr. Hermann Nicolai:
El martes 28 de marzo a las 11:00 en el salón de seminarios del CMAT en el piso 16
	Dr. Hermann Nicolai del Albert Einstein Institut, Berlin va exponer sobre 

	"Cosmological Billiards: an introduction"

Abstract: "The classic analysis of space-⁠like singularities in Einstein's
theory by Belinski, Khalatnikov and Lifshitz (BKL) has revealed a very
complicated behavior of the metric near the singularity. More recently the occurrence of chaotic metric oscillations has been linked to an infinite dimensional symmetry of hyperbolic Kac--Moody type, which vastly extends
known symmetries of Einstein's equations in certain reductions (such as the Ehlers and the Geroch group). In this talk I will review these developments at an introductory level."
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