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From: Krerley Oliveira <krerley en gmail.com>
Date: 2016-03-10 6:44 GMT-03:00
Subject: Two post-doc positions for immediate begining
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Dears Colleagues

We kindly ask your help  to announce  2 (two) one-year Post-Doctoral
positions at the Department of Mathematics of the Federal University of
Alagoas (UFAL) at Maceió, Brazil.  Please distribute to anyone who might be
interested, email list of your institute or just kindly print out the
attached file and put it in the announcements wall of your institute.


Krerley Oliveira and Ali Golmakani

*Two Post-Doctoral positions on Dynamical Systems*

Applications from  March 07th to April 04th 2016.

The Department of Mathematics of the Federal University of  Alagoas (UFAL),
Maceio, Brazil announce * 2 (two) one-year Post-Doctoral positions*.  The
positions will be financed by the ``Programa Nacional de Pós‐Doutorado
(PNPD/CAPES) `` and are open to PhDs in Mathematics

with a good background in Dynamical Systems, Differential Geometry, Algebra
 and Analysis.

The salary will be 4100 Brazilian Reals per month, and the candidate does
not need to pay any tax.  The positions are for 12 months, with a possible
extension to (at most) 60 months, altogether.

The *deadline for application is April 4, 2016*.  A successful candidate
expect to take his or her job immediately after the announcement of the

 final results of the selection. Please find more information  at

More about Maceió here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macei%C3%B3

The candidates applying for these positions should fill up the
registration form (attached on this email) *up to April 4 of 2016.*

Also the candidate should submit the following documents:

1) The registration form.

2) One recent photo.

3) A copy of passport.

4) The applicants should have defended their PhD before the registration

5) A research plan related to one of the areas of Dynamical system,
Differential Geometry, Algebra and Analysis.

6) A proof of residence, if living outside Brasil. An telephone, gas or
power bill is enough.

7) Copy of PhD diploma.

8) A Curriculum vitae at the brazilian scientific curriculum  Plataforma
Lattes and respective proofs (first page of papers, etc). Here you may find
the link to fill it here


All documents should be sent as pdf files to  (coordenador en pos.mat.ufal.br)
with a copy to (secretaria.pos.mat.ufal en gmail.com) .

Any inquire should be sent to aligolmakani en gmail.com  or krerley en gmail.com.


Krerley Oliveira and Ali Golmakani

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