[Todos CMAT] Seminario de Probabilidad y Estadística -- Viernes 10 de junio

Andrés Sosa asosa en cmat.edu.uy
Mie Jun 8 11:15:11 UYT 2016


Este viernes 10 de junio a las *10:00 horas* en el salón de seminarios del
Centro de Matemática hablará* Claudina Rattaro *(Instituto de Ingeniería
Eléctrica -- Facultad de Ingeniería -- Universidad de la República) en el
seminario de Probabilidad y Estadística.

El título de la charla es:  *Redes Radio Cognitivas: Análisis de un enfoque
económico para **asignación de espectro basado en decisiones de control de
admisión aplicadas a los usuarios secundarios.*


*Cognitive Radio Networks have emerged in the last years as a solution for
two problems: spectrum under-utilization and spectrum scarcity. The main
idea is to manage the radio spectrum more efficiently, where secondary
users (SUs) are allowed to exploit the spectrum holes in primary user’s
(PUs) frequency bands.*

*We consider a paid-sharing approach where SUs pay for the
spectrum utilization. A challenging aspect in these mechanisms is how to
proceed when a PU needs a channel and the system is full. We assume
a preemptive system where PUs have strict priority over SUs; when a
PU arrives to the system and all the channels are busy, a SU will be
deallocated. This affected SU will then be reimbursed, implying some
cost for the PUs service provider (SP). This paper bears on the design
and analysis of an optimal SU admission control policy; i.e. that maximizes
the long-run profit of the SP. *

*We model the optimal revenue problem as a Markov Decision Process and use
dynamic programming and other techniques such as sample-path analysis to
characterize properties of the optimal admission control policy. We
introduce different changes to the Modified Policy Iteration algorithm
incorporating the knowledge of the characterization. In particular, those
proposals accelerate the algorithm convergence when applied in the
considered context. Our results are validated through numerical examples.*
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