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A one-year post-doctoral fellowship will be offered by the Institute of
Mathematics of Bourgogne (IMB) <http://math.u-bourgogne.fr> in honor of *
Marco Brunella*


*Marco Brunella* (Varese Italy 1964, Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2012) was a
doctoral student at SISSA, Trieste, where he defended his thesis on
dynamical systems under the direction ofAlberto Verjovsky : * Expansive
Flows on Three-Manifolds * (1992). In the beginning of his career, he
studied many aspects of foliation theory and dynamical systems, on which he
published approximately ten papers. Then, motivated by the fascinating
problem of « minimal exceptional sets for holomorphic foliations of CP^2 »,
he turned his research to the study of complex foliations, on which a large
part of his work was based.
He developed several tools in both analytic geometry and algebraic
geometry. His profound understanding of sophisticated theories of various
domains enabled him to bring new insights into many problems of analytic
geometry and holomorphic foliations. Marco Brunella spent most of his
career as a Chargé de Recherche at the CNRS at the University of Bourgogne.
He died suddenly during a stay in Rio de Janeiro, a city which he loved,
where he was visiting friends and colleagues of IMPA.
His family has generously donated funds from his estate to the "Institut de
Mathématiques de Bourgogne" (IMB) in order to participate in the
development of mathematics in honor of Marco. We therefore have decided to
use a part of these funds to create the « Brunella post-doctoral
fellowship ».

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