[Todos CMAT] Survey (10-15 min, anonymous) of opinion on math journal reform (fwd)

Alfredo Viola viola en fing.edu.uy
Lun Abr 18 05:48:22 UYT 2016


Recibí este pedido de Mark. Les agradezco que lo difundan, y si están en 
el grupo objetivo de la encuesta, les agradezco que llenen la encuesta. Es 
una iniciativa muy seria. Todos quienes trabajamos en estos temas sabemos 
los problemas que hay (más otros relacionados con la evaluación y calidad 
de trabajos en cientos y miles de conferencias por todos lados) pero se 
hace poco para hacer un diagnóstico y hacer propuestas acordes.

Así que agradezco difusión y que quienes estén en el grupo objetivo que 
puedan llenar la encuesta.



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Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2016 18:26:12 +0000
From: wilson.mark.c en gmail.com
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Subject: Survey (10-15 min, anonymous) of opinion on math journal reform

Hi - I hope all is well with you guys. I woud appreciate you filling in this survey, and particularly letting contacts in South America know about
it. I aim to reach a large and fairly representative sample of the world math community. The results will help to focus effort on achievable
improvements with broad community support. If you think it would help to have a translation of the questions into Spanish/Portuguese, I am open to
offers :) Thanks!

Dear colleague: please answer this *anonymous* survey if and only if you have been involved with a mathematical journal as editor,
reviewer/referee, author or reader in the last 3 years. By "mathematical" we also mean to include theoretical computer science and operations
research journals, and disciplinary journals used by applied mathematicians. Essentially, any journal covered by Mathematical Reviews qualifies.

This survey is run by Mark Wilson (mcw en cs.auckland.ac.nz) on behalf of an international group of researchers and librarians interested in improving
overall performance of the publication system in mathematics and other subjects. Its results will be made public later this year. Our estimate for
completion time is 15 minutes. Currently a Google login is required in order to enforce a single submission per person, to safeguard integrity of
results. However no personal information about respondents will be used and the data will be destroyed soon after the results are made public.

I've invited you to fill out the form Survey of mathematical publishing priorities. To fill it out, visit:

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