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*PhD position in Rigorous numerical methods for equivariant bifurcations at
VU University Amsterdam*

The department of Mathematics of VU University Amsterdam welcomes
applications for the position of a PhD student to develop *Rigorous
numerical methods for equivariant bifurcations*.

Equivariant bifurcations in ordinary and partial differential equations
govern the emergence of patterns in fluids, of waves in neuron networks,
and of oscillations in mechanical systems. We are looking for a PhD student
to develop and implement numerical methods by which one can rigorously
prove that an equivariant bifurcation exists, and compute its

The PhD student will work under the supervision of Jan Bouwe van den Berg
and Bob Rink in the Dynamical Systems group of the Mathematics Department (
www.math.vu.nl) of VU University Amsterdam. The group has many national and
international connections, and is internationally leading in the field of
nonlinear dynamics and differential equations. We are fascinated both by
concrete applications and by fundamental mathematics.

Candidates with a (prospective) MSc degree in Mathematics (or an equivalent
thereof) with an interest in Dynamical Systems and excellent results, are
encouraged to apply. The project preferably starts in the Fall of 2016.
Please include a CV, a list of courses and grades at the MSc level, a
(draft) MSc thesis if available, and the names and e-mail addresses of one
or two references. You can send your application on or before *13 May
2016* to Marielle
van der Aa (m.m.a.vander.aa en vu.nl).

The successful applicant will be offered an appointment for 4 years, of
which the first year is a trial period. Such PhD trajectories in the
Netherlands are paid positions: the gross salary for PhD students is
currently 2174, 2532, 2651, 2779 euro per month in year 1, 2, 3 and 4
respectively, from which tax and insurance costs will be deducted. In
addition, PhD students receive annual holiday pay and an end-of-year bonus
(each roughly equal to one month of salary). Besides doing research towards
writing a PhD thesis, students spend about 15% of their time on teaching,
which typically consists of supervising exercise classes and correcting

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