[Todos CMAT] Premio Abel: Nash, Nirenberg

Dr. Roberto Markarian roma en fing.edu.uy
Dom Mar 29 16:36:59 UYT 2015

2015 Abel Prize to Nash and Nirenberg

The Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters will award the 2015 Abel  
Prize [ http://www.abelprize.no ]  to  John F. Nash Jr., Princeton  
University, and  Louis Nirenberg, Courant Institute, New York  
University, "for striking and seminal contributions to the theory of  
nonlinear partial differential equations and its applications to  
geometric analysis."

Although Nash and Nirenberg did not formally collaborate on any  
papers, they influenced each other greatly. The Abel committee notes  
that: "Their breakthroughs have developed into versatile and robust  
techniques that have become essential tools for the study of nonlinear  
partial differential equations. Their impact can be felt in all  
branches of the theory."

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