[Todos CMAT] Recordatorio Conferencia Pierre Cartier

Mariana Haim negra en cmat.edu.uy
Vie Mar 28 11:24:17 UYT 2014

Recuerden que hoy es la Conferencia del Profesor Pierre Cartier, a las
18:30 en el Espacio Interdisciplinario de la UdelaR, Rodó 1843, esquina
Frugoni. Reenvío título y resumen.

*From the 2Oth to the 21th century :  **the fate of structures in
mathematics .*

The notion of "structure" structured the development of mathematics during
a large part of the 20th century . I will recall the main features of this
ambitious programme , and then try to depict the new trends in the
development of mathematical research at present . The internationalization of
mathematics , the growing importance of the applications , the change
of paradigm
issued from the use of computer and the new age of communication will all
be mentioned and put in perspective . We shall conclude by describing the
ambitious programme of Voevodsky for new foundations.
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