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Vie Mar 21 14:46:25 UYT 2014

El Prof. Cartier realizará una  visita a Uruguay del 24 al 28 de Marzo.

Dictará dos conferencias de interés general y otras charlas de interés más
*25 de Marzo 2014,    18 hs. a 19.30 hs*
Dictará una charla de interés general para matemáticos y físicos.
Facultad de Ciencias/Iguá 4225 casi Mataojo.
Salón 205
-* The use of groupoids in differential geometry and mathematical physics .*
ABSTRACT : It is an accepted principle , after the Erlangen programme of
Klein ,
that the notions of symmetry and group are synonymous . The notion of
symmetry is deeper and encompasses for instance "local symmetries" . A
better mathematical representation of local symmetries is provided by the
"pseudo-group" of E. Cartan and the "Lie groupoid" of Ch. Ehresmann . I
explain how to give a new presentation of differential geometry by using
extensively Lie groupoids . The basic principles of Einstein general
relativity are
better understood in this framework .

*28 de Marzo 2014, 18.30--20.00*
Espacio Interdisciplinario/José E. Rodó 1843 casi Frugoni.
Dictará una charla de interés general para científicos y filósofos.
*- From the 2Oth to the 21th century : the fate of structures in
mathematics .*
ABSTRACT : The notion of "structure" structured the development of
mathematics during a large part of the 20th century . I will recall the main
features of this ambitious programme , and then try to depict the new
trends in
the development of mathematical research at present . The
of mathematics , the growing importance of the applications , the change of
paradigm issued from the use of computer and the new age of communication
will all be mentioned and put in perspective . We shall conclude by
the ambitious programme of Voevodsky for new foundations .
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