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Lee Lorch fue un activo colaborador con la causa de la ciencia uruguaya
durante la dictadura y posteriormente. Donó sus archivos sobre Massera
a la Universidad de la República.

Es el Sr. de la derecha en la foto sacada en el Congreso Internacional
de Matemáticos realizado en Berkeley, California en 1986.

  Lee Lorch, 1915-2014

  Lee Lorch [ http://www.ams.org/news?news_id=2168 ] of York University
(Canada), who all his life fought against discrimination of all kinds,
died on February 28 at the age of 98. Lorch was a mentor to many African 
American mathematicians and an early supporter of the creation of the
Association for Women in Mathematics. (Photo from 1974.) An obituary
in The New York Times describes Lorch's civil rights work, beginning
with his efforts on behalf of African Americans who had been denied
access to housing in New York City. Later, Lorch and his wife Grace
were among those protecting and supporting the "Little Rock Nine,"
a group of African American students whose efforts to attend a
segregated school in Little Rock, Arkansas, became emblematic of
the civil rights struggle. Suspected of being a Communist, Lorch
was brought before the infamous House Un-American Activities
Committee, whose questions he refused to answer. After having 
been fired for political reasons from a succession of jobs, Lorch was 
finally blacklisted from colleges and universities in the U.S. in 1959. He 
and his family then moved to Canada, first to the University of Alberta 
and then to York University, where he taught from 1968 until his 
retirement in 1985. Lorch received the MAA's Yueh-Gin Gung and Dr. Charles 
Y. Hu Distinguished Service to Mathematics Award in 2007 and was a member 
of the initial class of AMS Fellows in 2012.

Lee Lorch was a remarkable and inspiring teacher of mathematics who 
tirelessly brought before the mathematical community, through such venues 
as the AMS Council, matters related to human rights and discrimination. 
Yet for all his uncompromising toughness, Lorch had a soft heart: He was a 
kind, gentle, and soft-spoken person who, incidentally, really knew how to 
tell a joke. This man, who has been in some ways the conscience of the 
mathematical community in the U.S., will be greatly missed.
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