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Post-doc Fellowship - ANR-DFG research program MATHEMATICS, OBJECTIVITY BY

*One year Post-doc Fellowship in the context of the ANR-DFG research
Laboratoire d'Histoire des Sciences et de Philosophie--Archives
Henri-Poincar�, Nancy (UMR 7117, Univ. Lorraine, and CNRS:
http://poincare.univ-lorraine.fr/ <http://poincare.univ-lorraine.fr/>
<http://poincare.univ-lorraine.fr/ <http://poincare.univ-lorraine.fr/>> )
or at the Institut d'Histoire et de Philosophie des Sciences, Paris (UMR
8590, Univ. Paris 1 Panth�on-Sorbonne, and CNRS:
http://www-ihpst.univ-paris1.fr/ <http://www-ihpst.univ-paris1.fr/>
<http://www-ihpst.univ-paris1.fr/ <http://www-ihpst.univ-paris1.fr/>> ). *We
invite applications for a postdoctoral fellowship for 12 months in the
academic year 2014/15 (October 1st 2014 to September 30th 2015) in the
context of the project mentioned above.
The project aims to study the relation between mathematical objectivity and
the role of representation in mathematics from a philosophical point if
view, with particular attention to historical development of mathematics
and to mathematical practice. The directive lines of the project are
available here:  https://sites.google.com/site/mathobre/
 The successful candidate is expected to contribute to the realization of
this project and to reside in Nancy or Paris during the whole your of
her/his grant. The decision where she/he should reside in Nancy or Paris
throughout the year will be taken by ourselves, according to the research
topic. The grant amount (1600-1800 EURO/month after taxes) is set by French
We encourage to apply young scholars having received their doctoral degree
in the last 5 years in the domain of philosophy of mathematics and the like
with a proven potential to conduct and publish research at a level of
international excellence.
   Applications should include:

   -          A (brief) letter of application including personal
   information academic background, and research interests
   -         A proposal for a research project (3-4 pages) aiming to
   contribute to MathObRe
   -         CV including a list of publications, talks, conferences
   attended and teaching experience.
   -         One or two recommendation letters from a recognised scholar in
   the field.

  This material is to be sent by e-mail to
 Gerhard Heinzmann
<gerhard.heinzmann en univ-lorraine.fr<http://UrlBlockedError.aspx><
mailto:gerhard.heinzmann en univ-lorraine.fr<gerhard.heinzmann en univ-lorraine.fr>>
 Marco Panza <marco.panzan en univ-paris1.fr <http://UrlBlockedError.aspx> <
mailto:marco.panzan en univ-paris1.fr <marco.panzan en univ-paris1.fr>> >
 before April 30th at midnight (French time). Decisions will be made by Mai
31th, 2014.


IHPST-UMR8590 (Paris 1 Panth�on Sorbonne/CNRS/ENS)
13 rue du four 75006 Paris
T�l : +33 (0) 1 43 54 60 36
Fax : +33 (0) 1 43 25 29 48
Site web : http://www-ihpst.univ-paris1.fr

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