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Subject: GEAR Junior Retreat 2014 (Second Announcement)
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We would be grateful if you could forward the following announcement to
anyone who may be interested in this event. Thank you!


Dear Colleagues,

We would like to make the second announcement of the meeting:

      GEAR Junior Retreat

to be held at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor,
May 23 - June 1, 2014.

The retreat website (including registration, funding and other details) is


The list of mini-courses, with their related topics, is:

• Martin Bridgeman on Geodesic flows, convex Anosov representations and
pressure metrics.
• David Dumas on Complex projective structures and their holonomy limits.
• Sergei Gukov on Geometry and physics of Higgs bundles and branes.
• Julien Marché on Representation spaces, Chern-Simons theory, and TQFTs.
• Yair Minsky on Recent advances in Kleinian group theory.
• John Parker on Complex hyperbolic geometry and quasi-Fuchsian groups.
• Kim Ruane on Boundaries of CAT(0) spaces.
• Richard Wentworth on The geometry of the moduli space of Higgs bundles.

The list of senior speakers is:

• David Baraglia
• Subhojoy Gupta
• Sebastian Hensel
• Sarah Koch
• Johanna Mangahas Kutluhan
• Duc-Manh Nguyen
• Anne Parreau
• Julien Paupert
• Florent Schaffhauser
• Christian Zickert

There will be also junior talks on topics related to the mini courses. The
complete list of speakers shall appear on the website very soon.

The GEAR Junior Retreat is designed to build bridges between the different
interest groups of the GEAR network - and more broadly among mathematicians
working in areas relating to GEometric structures And Representation
varieties. The meeting is mainly aimed at PhDs, post-docs and junior
faculty members. During the ten days the following themes will be featured:

1. Dynamics on Moduli Spaces
2. Geometric and Analytical Group Theory
3. Geometric Structures and Teichmüller Spaces
4. Higgs Bundles
5. Hyperbolic 3-manifolds

During the retreat there will be 8 mini-courses on topics related to the
above themes, aiming to introduce the audience to current developments in
the area. Each mini-course will have an exercise session, as well as an
open problems discussion hour, during which experts in the field will
present and expand on open questions in each area. Registration is open to
all: please refer to the website to register.

Note that the *early registration* will close February 1. Applications for
funding received by JFebruary 1 are guaranteed full consideration, although
applications will be accepted after this target date.

Best wishes,

Michelle Lee, Sara Maloni, Andy Sanders and Laura Schaposnik

On behalf of the organizers:

       Dick Canary
       Steve Kerckhoff
       Michelle Lee
       Ben Linowitz
       Sara Maloni
       Andy Sanders
       Laura Schaposnik
       Anna Wienhard

Rafael Potrie
rafaelpotrie en gmail.com
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