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Subject: HOY Ciclo de Seminarios: 12:00 hrs -“cis-regulatory logic of
pan-neuronal gene expression in C. elegans” - IP Montevideo

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*Ciclo de Seminarios 2014*
IP Montevideo

* “cis-regulatory logic of pan-neuronal gene expression in C. elegans” *
 Expone: Inés Carrera
Laboratorio de Biología de Gusano - Institut Pasteur de Montevideo
Montevideo, Uruguay

*Jueves 11 de diciembre *12:00 hs. Salón de Actos PB - Institut Pasteur de


Cell fate decisions in the vertebrate nervous system are particularly
complex as the nervous system is composed of a remarkably complex
assemblage of cell types. Although a lot is known about how specific
transcription factors, or Terminal Selectors (TS), specify different
neuronal types by coregulatingneuron-type specific terminal differentiation
genes,much less is understood about the regulatory programs that control
the expression of those neuronal features shared by every neuron,
pan-neuronal features. Addressing this question is key to understanding how
neuronal fate is determined. Using Caenorhabditis elegans as a model
system, we dissected the cis-regulatory logic of broadly expressed neuronal
genes and also identified those trans-acting factors that regulate them.
Dissectional analysis of cis-regulatory control elements of pan-neuronal
genes shows a piecemeal regulation of gene expression in different neuronal
types as well as redundant elements. We find that TS are also ableto
regulate expression of isolated cis-regulatory modules ofsome pan-neuronal
genes, although in TSmutants full promoters of these genes are not
affected.In summary, pan-neuronal gene-expressioncis-regulatory logic is
redundant and piecemealand contrasts withneuron-specific gene expression
where single TSs can regulate these identity features through a
non-redundant simple coregulation model.

Florencia Sarthou
Facultad de Ciencias
2525 86 19 int 110
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