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Subject: Permanent Positions at UNICAMP
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The Department of Mathematics of the University of Campinas (Unicamp), São
Paulo, Brazil, announces a permanent position open to all areas of Pure

Positions are filled on a competitive basis via a "Concurso" process,
consisting of CV analysis (weigth 3), research project viva (weigth 3),
practical teaching test (weight 2) and a written test based on standard
graduate material (weight 1). All exams and documents can be presented in

Registration for the "Concurso" is open until Jan 29th (contact below). We
the exams to take place by March 2015, and the selected candidate will
begin their activities by August 2015. Teaching duties are three 60-hour
courses per year at undergraduate or graduate level, and graduate courses
can be taught in English. The net starting salary (after tax) is
approximately BRL 90,000 (or USD 36,000) per year, plus benefits. Further
details can be found in the webpage (in Portuguese only)


Unicamp is a research-oriented university and it ranks consistently as one
of the 2 best universities in Brazil (and top 200 worldwide). The
Department of Mathematics has an international faculty of around 40
professors, active in all areas of Mathematics, and it holds the maximum
grade in the Ministry of Education's national research assessment. We have
a lively postdoc community and around 100 graduate students. Research
activities are strongly encouraged, and funding opportunities are available
from various governmental agencies in Brazil.

The surroundings of Unicamp offer a high living standard and Campinas is
about a one-hour drive from the state's capital city of São Paulo.

Potential candidates should contact the Head of Department Prof. Adriano A.
Moura (aamoura en ime.unicamp.br) or any faculty member with related research
Stefano Luzzatto
Mathematics Section
Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics
Strada Costiera 11, 34151 Trieste, Italy
Tel +39 040 2240253
luzzatto en ictp.it

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