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From: Claude Cibils <claude.cibils en gmail.com>
Date: 2013/10/7
Subject: 3 months visiting positions in France - IFUM

 Dear All,

The CNRS (INSMI, that is the Institute for mathematics) offers to IFUM  the
possibility of *three* months (shorter visits cannot be funded under this
scheme) in France, starting in 2014, at any seniority level (assistant,
associate or full professors). Special emphasis is given to young
candidates (and in any case less than 65).

This is for all for non-french academics closely related to our LIA IFUM
(Institut frano-uruguayen de mathématiques) .

As officers of the axis of IFUM, please advertise such positions and invite
people who might be interested to prepare application files. The continuous
and recognized work of IFUM enables this possibility that we can use as
best as we can. Our LIA IFUM could obtain at least one position and
possibly two.

The application needs to be built with at least one an inviting person of a
laboratory in France and its director.

*Before 25 of October* the candidate have to send to Nathalie Quintin
<nathalie.quintin en univ-montp2.fr> <nathalie.quintin en univ-montp2.fr> a short
and convincing file containing at least :

-A short Vitae (with list of publications).
-A specific scientific project for the visit.
-Tentative dates of stay.
- Approval messages from the director of the place(s) to visit and from the
inviting person(s) in France.

 Best wishes,
Claude Cibils.

Claude Cibilshttp://www.math.univ-montp2.fr/~cibils/

Directeur du CIMPA
Centre international de mathématiques pures et
appliquéeshttp://www.cimpa-icpam.org/++33 (0) 492 077 930++33 (0) 467
666 379

Responsable en France de l'IFUM
Institut franco-uruguayen de mathématiqueswww.ifum.org
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