[Todos CMAT] Seminario este Viernes- Valerie Berthe

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Mar Oct 1 19:34:11 UYT 2013

Hola todos,

Este viernes a las 14.30 en el IMERL escucharemos a Valerie Berthe (CNRS,
IMJ, Paris) que hablará sobre "Pisot numbers and beyond" (abajo va el

Son todos bienvenidos,


Viernes 4 de octubre, Valerie Berthe (CNRS, IMJ) "Pisot numbers and beyond"

 Properties of  substitutive symbolic dynamical systems   under the Pisot
> hypothesis tend now to be well understood.
> They are conjectured to have pure discrete spectrum.
> The aim of this lecture is  first to recall  this  conjecture (the Pisot
> conjecture), but also
> to discuss   current  extensions   with nonalgebraic parameters to the
> so-called S-adic framework.
> We illustrate these extensions with  expansions issued from
>  multidimensional continued fraction algorithms,
> which yields  in particular  explicit symbolic codings for a.e. toral
> translation  on the two-dimensional torus.

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