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Jana Rodriguez Hertz janarh.arts en gmail.com
Mar Nov 5 13:20:06 UYST 2013


Les solicito difusión del llamado a presentaciones para el 2do
Sthephen Smale Prize, cuyo anuncio copio a continuación.
El mismo se otorgará en diciembre 2014, en Montevideo, en el encuentro de
Foundations of Computational Mathematics (FoCM)
Muchísimas gracias!
Jana Rodriguez Hertz

The second Stephen Smale Prize will be awarded in the meeting
Foundations of Computational Mathematics (FoCM) in Montevideo in December

The FoCM society hereby calls for nominations of candidates. Nominations
should be sent
by email to the secretary of FoCM, Antonella Zanna, at
Antonella.Zanna en math.uib.no<Antonella.Zanna en math.uib.no?subject=Smale%20Prize%20nomination%20from%20FoCM%20web%20site>
Deadline:  24:00 (GMT), March 10, 2014

Full announcement of prize here: http://focm-society.org/smale_prize.php .


The Society for the Foundations of Computational Mathematics was created in
the summer of 1995, following the month-long meeting in Park City, Utah,
which was principally organized by Steve Smale. The Park City meeting
aimed, in Smale's words from the preliminary announcement, “to strengthen
the unity of mathematics and numerical analysis, and to narrow the gap
between pure and applied mathematics." Smale's vision has been the
Society's inspiration for all these years. The journal Foundations of
Computational Mathematics was created, several colloquia and research
semesters were organized and international conferences are held every three
years. After fifteen years of existence, with an established and recognized
position in the scientific community, the Society has created the "Stephen
Smale Prize" whose objective is to recognize the work of a young
mathematician in the areas at the heart of the society's interests and to
help to promote his or her integration among the leaders of the scientific
community. The first Stephen Smale Prize was awarded at the Budapest
meeting in 2011 to Snorre H. Christiansen.

Summary of prize rules (see http://focm-society.org/smale_prize.php for
full details):
* The goal of the Smale Prize is to recognize major achievements in
furthering the understanding of the
  connections between mathematics and computation, including the
  interfaces between pure and applied mathematics, numerical analysis and
computer science.

* To be eligible for the prize a candidate must be
  in his or her early to mid career, meaning, typically,
  removed by at most 10 years of his/her (first) doctoral degree
  by the first day of the FoCM meeting (Dec 11, 2014).
  Allowances might be made for  atypical life circumstances.

* Eligible candidates should be nominated (self-nominations excluded)
  by sending an email to the secretary of FoCM, Antonella.Zanna en math.uib.no
  no later than March 10, 2014.
  Each nomination should be accompanied by a brief case for support.

* There is no compulsory format for the nomination but
  it should include at least three letters of recommendation.

* The recipient of the prize will be expected to give a lecture at
  the meeting. A written version of this lecture (tagged as the Smale Prize
  Lecture) will be included in the volume of plenary talks.
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