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Subject: CIMPA SCHOOL in San Luis: Modern Methods in Combinatorics
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Modern Methods in Combinatorics ECOS 2013
Univ. Nac. San Luis.July 22-August 2

One of the main purposes of this school is to bring a "guided tour"
covering the most important branches of Combinatorics, demonstrating its
methods and power.
Another related objective is the creation of research and academic networks
and to build a frame for the interchange of ideas in this field.

The conference website is:  http://ecombinatoria.unsl.edu.**
where you will find all the updated information.



First week
•       Communication Complexity. Ivan Rapaport: Chile
•       Geometric group theory and additive number theory. Melvyn
Nathanson: USA
•       Addition theorems in non-abelian groups and in algebras. Shalom
Eliahou: Francia
•       Categorical generalizations of the Möbius Function. Rafael Díaz:
•       Analyzing Euclidean Algorithms. Eda Cesaratto: Argentina
•       Graph Pebbling. Glenn Hurlbert: USA
•       Finite topological spaces and applications. Gabriel Minian:
•       Addition of Sets over Abelian Groups. Hemar Godhino: Brasil
•       Ramsey Theory for Graph. Fabrício Siqueira Benevides: Brasil
•       Homogeneous Structures and Graphs. Daniela Amato: Brasil
•       Some zero-sum problems and Ramsey-type results in Additive
Combinatorics. Sukumar Das Adhikari: India

Second week

•       Theory of Matroids and Applications. Jorge Ramirez-Alfonsín: Francia
•       Groups, designs and linear algebra. Donald Kreher: USA
•       Topics in combinatorial algebra. Fabrizio Zanello: USA
•       Algebraic Graph Theory and Quantum Computing. Chris Godsil: Canada
•       Supercharacters of unitriangular gruops and set-partitation
combinatorics. Carlos André: Portugal
•       An Introducction to the Spectral Graph Theory. Nair Maria Maia de
Abreu: Brasil
•       Combinatorial Matrix Theory. Richard A. Brualdi: USA

Organizing Committee of ECOS 2013

•       Daniel A Jaume, Universidad Nacional de San Luis, Argentina
•       Carolina Maldonado, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina
•       Rodrigo Iglesias, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina
•       Shalom Eliahou, Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale, France
•       Jorge Ramírez-Alfonsín, Université Montpellier II, France

Academic Committe of ECOS 2013.

•       Fernando Levstein, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina
•       Guillermo Durán, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
•       Ivan Rapaport, Universidad de Chile, Chile
•       Gabriel Minian. Universidad de Buenos Aires. Argentina
•       Robert Morris, IMPA, Brazil
•       Michel Las Vergnas, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6.
France (R.I.P.)

Contact: ecos2013 en gmail.com
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