[Todos CMAT] Satellite Conferences, ICM 2018

Dr. Roberto Markarian - IMERL roma en fing.edu.uy
Jue Oct 4 14:16:14 UYT 2012

Estimados, he recibido la carta que va al final.
Observen que son propuestas para 2018.
Luego de algunas consultas, con Martin Sambarino y  Jose
Vieitez hemos pensado en presentar una propuesta sobre
"Dyn Sys, Erg Theory and  Geometric Theory
of Groups"
Me gustaria saber si podrian haber otras propuestas o
ampliacion de la que hemos pensado.

Saludos, Roberto Markarian

From: Eduardo Teixeira <teixeira en mat.ufc.br>
To: roma en fing.edu.uy
Subject: Satellite Conferences, ICM 2018

Dear Roberto,

As you probably know, the Brazilian Mathematical Society
(SBM) is preparing the bid to host the International Congress
of Mathematicians in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) in August, 2018.

We would like to include in our application proposals for
satellite meetings within Brazil and neighbor countries.
It is our understanding that these prospective set of
events shall enhance a lot SBM's application.

We would like, therefore,  to invite you to compile a draft
of proposal for an satellite meeting of ICM2018 in your
institution,  which we would be delighted to include in our bid.

At this moment, the proposal would just need to mention
a) Title of the meeting
b) Scientific themes involved and format of the event
(school, workshop, conference, etc.)
c) Place of the event
d) Names and email of the organizers.

It is important to obverse that we would need to receive
your proposal before October 15th, when we must submit the
final version of SBM?s bid to the IMU.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

Eduardo Teixeira, Hilario Alencar, Marcelo Viana.

>>      >  Eduardo V. Teixeira
>>      >
>>      > Full Professor
>>      > Mathematics Department
>>      > Universidade Federal do Ceara
>>      > www.mat.ufc.br/~teixeira

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