[Todos CMAT] Biblioteca acceso a Bentham Science Journals Free Online Trial (IP )358/T0358

Graciela Olazabal olazabal en fcien.edu.uy
Mar Nov 13 10:00:49 UYST 2012

Les reenvío la dirección con el acceso a la Colección de Bentham journal on
line. El mismo es a través de los IP de Facultad, el período de prueba es
por un mes
Access URL: www.eurekaselect.com

Reciban todos mis mas cordiales saludos

Lic. Graciela Olazábal Olmos
Jefa de Sección Referencia
Centro de Documentación Científica y Biblioteca

Bentham Science Journals Free Online Trial (IP )358/T0358

Dear Olazabal Graciela Olmos,

We are happy to inform you that your institutional/library online journal
trial account has been created.

The users may now view the latest issues (2011-2012) of Bentham titles in
full text via this URL: www.eurekaselect.com

We have registered the following details about your institution/library.

Institution name: University of republic Uruguay

Address: Scientific Documentation Centre and Library Building Science
Faculty Dr. Mario Wschebor 4225 Montevideo Igua URUGUAY

We have chosen the following authentication method;

IP address/range:;

         Time Period: 1 Months

         Start Date: November 13, 2012

         End Date: December 13, 2012

Online trial access Procedure:

Note: You do not need to insert a user ID or a password when you log in to
the access URL through the Registered IP/IPs.

Access URL: www.eurekaselect.com

We appreciate your interest in Bentham Science journals.

Please follow the following instructions in case you have any technical
problem with the trial access:

1.      Browsers which work well for Bentham science online trial access
URL: Google chrome, Firefox .
2.      Trial access is available only through your registered IPs you
provided us earlier.
3.      In case you don't have the trial access to our full text journals,
please check the IP of your computer in use by: www.whatismyip.com
4.      Please send us a screen shot of the page which shows your IP.
5.      Please also send us a screen shot of the page which you see in your
screen when you open the access URL we provided you.
6.      Please discuss with your colleague who looks after your IT
department anything which might Interfere with the URL e.g. fire wall etc.

Please send your e-mail at: Jibran en benthamscience.org;
sjames en benthamscience.org

Please let us know in case you need further assistance.

Thanks and regards,

Jibran Haider
Trial Manager
Bentham Science Publishers
jibran en benthamscience.org
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