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Ezequiel Maderna emaderna en cmat.edu.uy
Sab Nov 19 19:08:29 UYST 2011

Muy interesante !

Gracias Roberto por el aporte.


"Dr. Roberto Markarian - IMERL" <roma en fing.edu.uy> a écrit :

>    Blog on Mathematical Journals
> In implementation of Resolution 18 adopted by the
> IMU General Assembly in 2010:
>    "The General Assembly of the IMU asks the EC to create,
>     in cooperation with ICIAM, a Working Group that is
>     charged with considering whether or not a joint ICIAM/IMU
>     method of ranking mathematical journals should be instituted,
>     and what other possible options there may be for protecting
>     against the inappropriate use of impact factors and similar
>     manipulable indices for evaluating research."
> the IMU and the ICIAM have created a joint working group to
>   study the issue. The working group which was composed of
>   N. Joshi, D. N. Arnold, C. Hutchins, J. D. S. Jones,
>   M. MacCallum, P. Michor, S. Mueller, and T. Tang has
>   finished its work and come up with a report which is on IMU's
>   Web page at the following URL:
>   http://www.mathunion.org/publications/reports-recommendations.
> The working group examined the issue of why a rating of
>   mathematical journals is desirable and submitted a detailed
>   proposal for IMU/ICIAM journal rating. Before going ahead
>   and taking any further action the IMU and ICIAM want to
>   explore opinions on a larger scale and get as much input
>   as possible from the mathematical community. That is why
>   a "Blog on Mathematical Journals" (URL:
>   http://www.mathunion.org/journals) has been installed.
>   The blog is moderated by a group of 6 persons (D. Arnold,
>   C. Hutchins, N. Joshi, P. Olver (chair), F. Planchon,
>   T. Tang).
> Everyone interested can submit his/her opinion through
>   posting an article (e-mail to: journal.blog en mathunion.org)
>   and/or forwarding a comment (add a comment to a posted
>   article by typing in the "comments" window or sending
>   e-mail to journal.blog en mathunion.org).
> Please go the mathematical journals blog and join the
>   discussion of the issue.
> IMU and ICIAM particularly ask you to spread the information
>   about the report and blog on mathematical journals widely
>   in your community. Input from a wide range of persons is
>   necessary to discuss this important issue and prepare for
>   the final decision process.
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