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  *EducationUSA Uruguay presents:** *
*New York University Abu Dhabi *
**Guest Speaker:* *Maria Teresa San Roman*
Associate Director, Institute of International Education, Office for 
Latin America.
Senior Management Professional in International Education.
General Management and Program Management. Strategic Planning. Program 
Development Initiatives.
Team Building & Leadership. Exceptional organizational, analitical & 
managerial skills.

In 2010 NYU opened a second gateway into its global network university 
with its Abu Dhabi campus which is now attracting the best and brightest 
of students from all over the globe. The second class of students will 
be arriving on campus this August of 2011 and we have now begun meeting 
with students interested in 2012 enrollment.
NYU has become the 1st major American university to open a fulltime 
campus for undergraduate studies that has an enhanced liberal arts 
program with a strong focus on science and engineering abroad. 
A student from Uruguay's British Schools was invited just this past 
month to be part of a weekend event on NYU's new campus in Abu Dhabi and 
she was thrilled with the experience. 
It would be great to have more students from Uruguay applying to such a 
prestigious program.  NYU Abu Dhabi is a gateway into the NYU system 
that offers students the opportunity to study at any NYU campus 
throughout the world with a very generous financial aid package that's 
carried throughout their 4 years of college. 

*Meet the New York University Abu Dhabi: Friday, April 4th, from 5:30 - 
6:30 pm. *

*Fulbright EducationUSA Advising Center - Colonia 810  Floor 11*

Here is the link to the university's webpage  http://nyuad.nyu.edu/

*/Solicita inscripción a //educationUSA en fulbright.org.uy// /*/  / 

  *EducationUSA Uruguay * 
<http://www.facebook.com/pages/EducationUSA-Uruguay/157202195910> on 
Facebook* *
                     Visit us  *www.educationUSA.org.uy* 
*Fulbright EducationUSA Office, **Uruguay
Colonia 810 Office 703
Montevideo - 11100 - Uruguay
(+598) 29014160 - 29032031*
*www.fulbright.org.uy* <http://www.fulbright.org.uy>* *
*www.educationUSA.org.uy* <http://www.educationUSA.org.uy>
*educationUSA en fulbright.org.uy* <mailto:educationUSA en fulbright.org.uy>
Este correo tiene como único objetivo la difusión de las actividades de 
la Comisión Fulbright Uruguay, en caso de no querer recibir más este 
tipo de información, reenvíe este correo con el asunto "Remover" y será 
eliminado inmediatamente de nuestra lista de distribución. Disculpe las 
molestias. Muchas gracias.

Gustavo Grinspan
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad de la República
Iguá 4225

(598.2) 525.86.18 - 22 /122

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