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*Course "Genetics of Laboratory Rodents"**
**December 5 to 14th**, 2011*

*Institut Pasteur de Montevideo*

This course will offer a training opportunity to South American research 
scientists and veterinarians in charge of laboratory animal facilities, 
in the most prominent areas of mammalian genetics (mostly mouse).

This course offers an opportunity to receive an intensive training and 
get in touch with scientist of the region working in the same fields of 


    * Tools for genetic analysis
    * Laboratory animal husbandry
    * Basic of mouse reproduction physiology
    * Population genetics, the breeding systems and the different
      categories of mouse strains
    * Origin and phylogeny of the rodent laboratory strains
    * Wild derived inbred strains
    * Spontaneous and induced mutations -- phenotype driven and genotype
      driven mutagenesis
    * Genetic mapping; physical mapping; positional cloning; candidate
      gene identification
    * Statistical genetics and complex trait analysis
    * Transgenesis under its various forms, gene expression analysis,
      strategies in induced mutagenesis (knockout, knock in, conditional
      knockout, etc.)
    * Bioinformatics in genetics and genomics, database mining
    * Design of experiments and selection of the best animal models


The teaching team consists of Scientists from the Institut Pasteur in 
Paris and Montevideo as well as other institutions, who are familiar 
with the topics.

    * Jean Jacques Panthier (Institut Pasteur de Paris, France)
    * Xavier Montagutelli (Institut Pasteur de Paris, France)
    * Jean Louis Guénet (Institut Pasteur de Paris, France)
    * Jean Jaubert (Institut Pasteur de Paris, France)
    * Michel Cohen Tannoudji (Institut Pasteur de Paris, France)
    * Ignacio Anegón (Institut de
    * Marcelo Rubinstein (Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, UBA,
    * Luiz Augusto Corrêa Passos (UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil)
    * Fernando Benavides (The University of Texas, Smithville, TX)
    * Mariela Bollati (Institut Pasteur de Paris, France)
    * Martina Crispo (Institut Pasteur de Montevideo)


*In order to apply, all documents must be sent in .pdf format, by e-mail 
to: curso-genetica-raton en pasteur.edu.uy 
<cid:part1.02000103.02080602 en fcien.edu.uy>

The following documents must be sent in order to apply:

    * brief cv
    * a letter of motivation
    * a letter of support from your advisor


September 25th, 2011

*Martina Crispo**
Jean Jacques Panthier


The course is supported by CABBIO, AMSUD-PASTEUR, Instituto Pasteur de 
Montevideo, ISTT and Ambassade de  France en Uruguay.


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