[Todos CMAT] Seminario de Probabilidad y Estadística: 5 de Diciembre, 11.30 hs

Nicolás Frevenza nfrevenza en cmat.edu.uy
Jue Dic 1 19:14:22 UYST 2011

Hola, los invitamos a la última charla por este año del Seminario de
Probabilidad y Estadística.

Saludos cordiales,

Gabriel Illanes
Nicolás Frevenza

*Fecha y lugar:* lunes 5 de Diciembre, 11.30 hs, salón de seminarios
del piso 14 del CMAT.

*Expositor:* Matthieu Jonckheere (CONICET-Argentina)

*Título:* The Fleming Viot process driven by subcritical branching: a
selection principle.

*Resumen:* We consider Fleming Viot processes having the following
dynamics: N particles move independently according to the dynamics of a
subcritical branching process until they hit 0, at which point, they
instantaneously and uniformly choose the position of one of the other
particles. We first establish a coupling between the FV processes
(associated to any one-dimensional dynamics) and multitype branching
processes. This allows us to prove convergence of scaled version of the \fv
processes and ergodicity for fixed N. Using large deviations estimate for
subcritical branching processes, this coupling further allows to obtain
useful drift inequalities for the maximum of the Fleming Viot
process.These inequalities imply in turn tightness of the family of
empirical measures under the stationary measure of the FV process. Finally,
we prove a selection principle: the empirical measures converge to the
extremal quasi-stationary measure of the branching process when N tends to

Joint work with A. Asselah, P. Groisman, P. Ferrari.

*Nota: *La charla es en español.
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