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Lun Abr 25 15:22:32 UYT 2011

Te pido si podrías difundir el siguiente anuncio de conferencia, que podría
interesar a gente de física o matemática de Ingeniería.

Muchas gracias,

Andrés Pomi


La Sección Biofísica de la Facultad de Ciencias tiene el agrado de
invitarlos al seminario a cargo del Dr. Peter beim Graben (Universidad
Humboldt, Berlin), titulado "Dynamic Cognitive Modeling in

Martes 26 de Abril
*11:00* hs
Salón de Seminarios 2

Facultad de Ciencias.

Los esperamos.


Adjuntamos un resumen de la presentación.

*Dynamic Cognitive Modeling in Psycholinguistics
*Peter beim Graben

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

I present Dynamic Cognitive Modeling as a three tier top-down approach
comprising the levels of cognitive processes, their state space
representations and dynamical systems implementations that are guided by
neuroscientific principles. These levels are passed through in a top-down
fashion: (1) cognitive processes are described as algorithms sequentially
operating on complex symbolic data structures that are decomposed using
so-called filler/role bindings; (2) data structures are mapped onto points
in abstract vector spaces using tensor product representations; (3)
cognitive operations are implemented as time-continuous dynamics of neural
networks or neural/dynamic fields by means of stable heteroclinic sequences.
The last step involves the solution of inverse problems, namely training the
system's parameters to reproducing prescribed trajectories of cognitive
operations in representation space. I show that learning tasks for
neural/dynamic field models are particularly ill-posed and propose a
regularization technique for the common Hebb rule, resulting into modified
Tikhonov-Hebbian learning. The method is illustrated by means of an
instructive example from psycholinguistics. I construct a functional
representation of a context-free left-corner parser over a three-dimensional
feature space processing the well-formed sentence:
(1) The horse raced past the barn
and the severe garden path:
(2) The horse raced past the barn fell.
Eventually, I show how syntactic reanalysis can be described by a
bifurcation of the heteroclinic landscape in cognitive representation space.

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