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From: IMU Secretary <secretary en mathunion.org>
Date: 2011/4/21
Subject: IMU AO CL 3/2011: ICM 2014 Program Structure, Support programs for
maths in developing countries
To: ao en mathunion.org

To:   IMU Adhering Organizations

From: Martin Groetschel, IMU Secretary

Dear colleagues,

This circular letter to the IMU Adhering Organizations
informs you about your opportunity to influence the
structure of the scientific program of the International
Congress of Mathematician 2014 in Seoul, and about two new
support programs for mathematics in developing countries.

I cordially ask you to distribute this information

within your community.

1. ICM 2014: Structure of the scientific program


As you know, the next ICM will take place in Seoul, Republic
of Korea from August 13-21, 2014. The IMU President, Ingrid
Daubechies has appointed Carlos Kenig (Chicago, USA) as Chair

of the Program Committee (PC), and the IMU Executive Committee
has appointed all other members of the PC. The PC will meet in

October, 2011 in order to define the program structure of
ICM 2014.

According to the PC/OC Guidelines, see

http://www.mathunion.org/ICM/PC/PC-OC-Guidelines-070521.pdf ,

the PC is responsible for the ICM structure but is advised to
use the programs of previous ICMs as rough guidelines. Of course,

innovations are not ruled out, and some Adhering Organizations
and individuals may have good ideas for changes to the program
structure. If you have suggestions on the program structure
for the Program Committee, please contact Carlos Kenig via the
following e-mail address:

           PC-chair-ICM2014 en mathunion.org

before September 1, 2011 so that your suggestions can be
considered by the ICM 2014 Program Committee.


Please visit the ICM 2014 Website http://www.icm2014.org

where you will find simple instructions on how to pre-register.

Once you have pre-registered, you will be included in the

ICM 2014 mailing list and will receive periodic ICM E-news

for the next three years.

2. IMU Berlin Einstein Foundation Program (EFP)


On the occasion of the establishment of the permanent IMU
Secretariat at the Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis
and Stochastics (WIAS) in Berlin, the Einstein Stiftung Berlin
(ESB) has given a grant to the Berlin Mathematical School(BMS)
to support mathematics. The focus of the grant program, called
IMU Berlin Einstein Foundation Program (EFP), is the increase
of interactions of young mathematicians from developing and

economically disadvantaged countries with the lively
mathematical environment in Berlin.

Applications are invited for research visits to Berlin lasting
from three to nine months. PhD students, postdoctoral as well
as more senior researchers are eligible to apply.

More information is available at: www.math-berlin.de/imu-esb

3. Simons Foundation announces the Africa Mathematics Project


A few days ago, the Simons Foundation has announced a new

initiative in support of mathematical research in Africa's
institutions of higher learning.  The program is designed to
enhance the mathematical capacity and productivity of
recipient research groups.

A planning committee consisting of Herbert Clemens (Chair), USA;
Wandera Ogana, Kenya; Marie-Françoise Roy, France; and Hamidou
Touré, Burkina Faso has been appointed to oversee the initial
stages of the Africa Mathematics Project. Clemens and Ogana are

members of IMU’s Commission for Developing Countries (CDC).

It is planned that requests for proposals will available to

applicants by late autumn of 2011.

More information is available at:


Best regards

Martin Groetschel


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