[Todos CMAT] Biblioteca F1000 Posters - free tool for researchers

Graciela Olazabal olazabal en fcien.edu.uy
Jue Abr 14 11:44:31 UYT 2011

> Dear Graciela,
> We are writing to inform you of an open access repository from Faculty of 
> 1000 (http://f1000.com) (developed by the founders of open access), called 
> F1000 Posters (http://posters.f1000.com), which covers posters from the 
> leading biology and medicine conferences. Since its launch in June 2010, 
> it has grown quite considerably, and now includes posters from over 180 
> international meetings, with some of our top-performing posters receiving 
> 400-850 views in a month. We thought you may be interested to inform your 
> researchers about this free new tool which aims to provide indefinite 
> access to the latest developments presented at conferences, but often 
> several months or even years before they are published. We have created a 
> series of 3 posters and wondered whether you might be willing to help us 
> by putting these up around the relevant areas in your institution.
> There are a few options:
> * You (or a colleague) could download the posters (A4 size - 
> http://f1000posters.com/doc/F1000_Posters_A4.pdf; A3 size - 
> http://f1000posters.com/doc/F1000_Posters_A3.pdf, US letter size - 
> http://f1000posters.com/doc/F1000_Posters_USLetter.pdf) and then just 
> print them yourself and place them in the appropriate places
> * We would be happy to send you professionally printed copies of the 
> posters - just tell us which size you prefer - small (A4) or large (A3) - 
> and the best mailing address to use
> * We could send you banner-type versions of these posters to put on your 
> institutional pages as appropriate (or simply some text and a logo) - just 
> tell us what you require
> * Additionally, do you know of any students who might be keen to earn a 
> little extra money by putting up a whole series of posters around all the 
> relevant departments on your campus?  We would then mail them a whole 
> batch of printed posters.
> Many thanks for any help with this and do let us know if you have any 
> questions.
> Best wishes
> Rebecca
> Rebecca Lawrence, PhD
> Director, New Product Development
> FACULTY of 1000
> http://F1000.com 

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