[Todos CMAT] Defensa de Tesis de Maestría de Ingeniería Matemática.

Franco Robledo frobledo en fing.edu.uy
Mar Abr 12 12:49:37 UYT 2011

     Mediante la presente los invito cordialmente a la Defensa de Tesis 
de Maestría en Ingeniería Matemática de la Ing. Cecilia Parodi a 
realizarse el día Viernes 15 de Abril a las 9:00 horas en la Salón de 
Seminarios del INCO, Facultad de Ingeniería.

Título de la Tesis: "Integer Optimization Applied to the Design of 
Robust Minimum Cost Multi-Layer Networks".

Dr. Ing. Pablo Belzarena (IIE, Facultad de Ingeniería). Presidente de mesa.
Dra. Paola Bermolen (IMERL, Facultad de Ingeniería),
Dr. Ing. Héctor Cancela (Dpto. Inv. Operativa-InCo, Facultad de 
MSc. Ing. Antonio Mauttone (Dpto. Inv. Operativa-InCo, INCO, Facultad de 

Tutores: Carlos Testuri, Franco Robledo.

In this work we solve the problem of designing an MPLS data network, to 
be deployed over an existing SDH/DWDM transport infrastructure, which is 
itself a combination of technologies. The data and different work 
hypothesis are from a particular operator: the National 
Telecommunications Administration (ANTEL) of Uruguay where the problem 
was originated.

The target Data Network is an IP/MPLS Multi-Layer network over which 
different kinds of services are delivered and therefore with different 
quality requirements. During the process we will seek to minimize the 
economical resources incurred by the deployment over the Transport 
Infrastructure (Transport Network) of ANTEL.

The solution found should be of optimal (minimum) cost and must be able 
to send a known traffic meeting certain quality parameters, even 
considering simple failures in some section of the Transport Network.

The proposed problem is NP-Hard class in terms of computational 
complexity. Special cases of it are NP-complete problems. We model the 
problem algebraically as an Integer Mathematical Programming Problem and 
solve it approximately.

Saludos cordiales,
Dr. Ing. Franco Robledo Amoza

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