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From: IMU Secretary <secretary en mathunion.org>
Date: 2010/6/15
Subject: AO CL 6/2010: IMU Booklet
To: ao en mathunion.org
Cc: GAdelegates en mathunion.org

To:     IMU Adhering Organizations
     and to all participants of the
     IMU General Assembly 2010
From:   Martin Groetschel, IMU Secretary

Dear colleagues,

The Executive Committee of the International Mathematical
Union has produced an information brochure with a survey of
most of the current IMU activities. This booklet contains,
in particular, overviews of the work done for developing
countries (via CDC/CDE/DCSG) and mathematical education
(via ICMI). It is meant to inform IMU's membership (and
other institutions and individuals) on the broad spectrum
of topics IMU handles and to update the GA delegates on
the various functions IMU is performing. A pdf version of
the booklet is attached.

The printed version of this booklet will be distributed
to all participants of the International Congress of
Mathematicians 2010 in Hyderabad. The booklet can be
downloaded from

Best regards

Martin Groetschel

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