[Todos CMAT] Perelman declina

Dr. Roberto Markarian - IMERL roma en fing.edu.uy
Jue Jul 1 23:25:57 UYT 2010

Grigoriy Perelman of St. Petersburg, Russia has declined the US$1,000,000
Millennium Prize. In March the Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI) had
announced that Perelman was the recipient of the prize for his resolution of
the Poincare conjecture, one of the seven Millennium Prize Problems.
Perelman's refusal was not entirely unexpected: In 2006, he declined the
Fields Medal. The following statement appears on the Clay Mathematics
Institute web site
http://www.claymath.org/ : "On June 8-9 CMI held a conference in Paris to
celebrate the resolution of the Poincare conjecture by Grigoriy Perelman.
Dr. Perelman has subsequently informed us that he has decided not to accept
the one million dollar prize. In the fall of 2010, CMI will make an
announcement of how the prize money will be used to benefit mathematics."

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